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   Chapter 16 Insecurities

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Kevin's POV

"By the way, I am not leaving you"

"Promise? "

"Pinky promise." She laughed.


"Come on you sleep now. You need some more sleep."

"I wonder why?!"

"Sedative baby. Try to sleep!"

"But I don't want to sleep." Her mouth formed an adorable pout.

"Please be good Evs. . . Otherwise I'll leave! "

"Don't leave. I'll be good, " she promised, turning herself to face away from me, but then scooting backward so that her backside touched my front, the covers between us. I put one hand on her back, moved slightly away, and wrapped the other arm around her waist.

"Goodnight, Evs, " I said firmly.

"Oh, all right, " she sighed. "Good night."

I began humming softly and my mind started to wander. Why do lullabies work? I wondered. It must be the gentle, repetitive rhythm, like a heartbeat. This one thing I liked about being with Evs at night was feeling her heartbeat against my own heartbeat.

"Don't go, Kevin " The words rose clear as a bell from a slumbering Evs. "Stay. . ."

I smiled to myself and then quickly lost the smile when I thought about it. I didn't really know, whether I am doing right or wrong. Though I didn't want to leave her, but wasn't it the right thing to do. I sighed at my own selfishness, she groaned suddenly and I rubbed light circles between her shoulder blades to calm her. I smiled looking at her, wondering when was the last time I felt this immense happiness.


It'd been one week since our confrontation had happened. I couldn't leave her, it made her really happy, she had won what she wanted. Somehow I was also becoming more accepting of this marriage, and was reassuring myself that everything would be good. Mum ordered us to go shopping. Kaden also accompanied us. After debating much, Eva selected a simple but elegant white gown, it was beautiful as well as simple. Just like how my Eva was. The way she was looking right now, any man in this world would go on knees for her.

"Wow, she is looking so good!. . ." two girls were talking from the sales counter.

"Yes like an angel right?!." and that angel was mine, I felt a sense of pride inside me.

"Look at him too, he is so handsome. " I smiled hearing them.

"Yes, but look he is standing with a crutch. . ."

"So, don't you know him. . . Kevin Wright, son of William Wright. Even if he is standing with a crutch, no one would notice. And don't you forget, money talks honey."

"I don't think so, look at her, so innocent. What if she is genuine in love with him?"

"Oh please!


"Aha! So finally you noticed that I am not fit enough. . ." I laughed.

"Kevin! "

"Don't shout please!"

"What are you saying Kevin. . . "

"Why you don't know. . .fine, if you don't know, why don't you go and carry on with your dancing. "

"Kevin. . . You only said. . . " she looked hurt. But I didn't care.

"Yes. I did. And if you remember I asked you to come back soon." I clapped dramatically.

"Kevin. . . "

"What! I can't dance, so you danced with him. I am sure, the things I won't be able to do, he will be very much available for. . ."

The next thing, I felt was a slap. It was so loud that the music stopped, and everyone looked at me astounded.

"Brother. . .Evs, have you gone mad? What are you doing?" Kaden encircled his hand around my shoulder.

"Evs what happened?" Eddy asked.

"Tell him. . . " I laughed looking at her.

She was looking at me with her those big chocolate brown eyes, she looked hurt beyond words, and I knew that very moment I had lost my Evs. At last, I had successfully pushed my Eva away from me. That very moment, I regretted. What had I done! How could I stoop so low! "Evs. . . I am. . .I am. . ." I fell on the ground, and everything around me just vanished into darkness.


It was ten in the morning. Kaden woke me up. "Brother. . ."

I looked at his panic stricken face, "What happened?"

"Ummm. . ."

"What? "

"Last night I dropped Eva at her home. " he hesitated, "and I just called her up to know whether she is fine or not, her grandpa picked up the call and said Eva is missing and she has left the phone and her IDs." He paused looking at me, "Her grandpa is going to police station."

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