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   Chapter 15 Loving Her More

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Kevin's PoV:

Eva stared at my face, dumbfounded. I stood there, as hard as a block of stone, fighting the powerful urge to take it all back to pull her into my arms and tell her it was all a lie.

"Well then I must leave now." Her voice was quiet yet strong.

I could no longer meet her eyes. I was sure to give myself away. So I focused on the window behind her as I filled out the lie with details, things she could grab onto if she began to doubt my story later.

My eyes touched her face and stuck there. I would never forget the way it looked just then, as she begged me not to hurt her. I wanted to scream, to run away, to insist it wasn't true, but instead I told the vilest lie of them all.

She turned. . . and held the handle of the door. She was thinking something. But I couldn't let her stand like this. "Close the door before you leave Eva."

She banged the door with her fist. For a moment I thought she had hurt her hand, but she looked at me, with fire in her eyes, she came straight to me "This is what you want right, me leaving you?"

"Yes this is what I want."

"Look into my eyes while talking to me Mr Kevin Wright."

"Yes this is what I want! I don't want you in my life!" I tried to be angry this time. But half of my conscience was yelling at me, trying to tell me that I was wrong, that I should be selfish.

"Fine. Then answer one question of mine. That day when I wanted to break up with you, you tried to commit suicide." She paused for a whole second, "if that was true then what are you saying now is lie."

"That very situation was different. At that time you were not keen to marry me."

She looked at me as if I had grown two more heads, "so that's the main problem here. Marriage." Sge troubled her lower lip, "okay then I am not going to marry you." She took a step forward at me, "I'll marry someone else. You actually are right Mr Wright, you can never give me the happiness i deserve; you are unable to love me, I mean what else can you do other than a kiss or two right?! I guess I need to marry someone who can give all the things I deserve."

"Evs!" My voice sounded foreign to me. I knew I was on the verge of breaking down.

"Its Eva for you." She snapped.

Eva's voice was so cold that it made me flinch. The things she just said, I couldn't even imagine in my worst nightmares. "Evs please. . ."

"Why, what did you think Mr Wright that I am going

thought of you like that. I loved you the way you are. I don't need anything... I don't care that we can't make love as soon as we get married. That aspect of life can wait Kevin..." she sobbed.

"I am so sorry Evs, I am so sorry, at the end of the day, I am a man, I ought to think like one." I sighed, "But now I understood I can't live without you, I. . ."

"Please, Kevin, don't promise something which you are never going to stick to. You and your insecurities would never let us live peacefully, and I have no more strength to bear the pain of losing someone who I love more than my life."

"I'll prove you're wrong " I vowed, taking her face between my hands. She tried to shake me off, but I wouldn't let go. I moved my face closer to hers, so close that I could feel the warmth radiating from her lips.

"Please don't, " she whispered at the last second, the pain in her words a lance through my heart.

"Why not?" I objected. I wanted to kiss badly.

"No Kevin, I am not a doll, you can play with when you want... No.. ..don't do this to me! "

What had I done! I had damaged Eva's strength, her trust. I remembered once she said, she didn't know how to flee from a relationship.

Something flickered in me, "Evs, You don't love me anymore right? Not after everything I've done to you. Right?" I whispered.

"Have you gone mad?" Of course she tried to dodge the inquiry.

"Just answer it. Please."

"The way I feel about you will never change, " she declared.

"This is what I wanted to know." I whispered before taking her face in my hands and pressing my lips to hers.

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