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   Chapter 13 Marry Me

Destined By itssanjh Characters: 12577

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Eva's POV

Kissing Kevin was like a dream. The way he was kissing me, it felt like he was conveying his love for me. I thanked God silently, a man who was ready to wait for us to get married, 'I am not ruining my love for you because of my desire.' Something shifted in me and before I even knew, I blurted out, "Kevin, Marry me."

For a second, I thought he didn't listen to what I had just said, I was about to repeat it again, when I heard him, taking a long breath, as if he was in physical pain.

"Kevin?!" I tried to shift, but his hold around me tightened, I could feel his breath fanning on my hair.

Very deliberately he asked, "Do you have any idea, what you are saying?!"

I looked directly into his eyes, "Yes. I want to marry you Kevin."

Shaking his head, he opened his mouth and closed instantly. Kevin looked everywhere but at me, as if he was scared that I would see through him, "This is an absolute ridiculous idea."

"Why?!" I had to admit it stung. True, I was not like other girls, who acted upon the thought of the future, I had always been reckless.

"You know the answer Eva. It's not like I don't want to marry you, it's just let's not forget the consequences if I agree." Kevin sighed, "I still have to work hard on this Eva." He pointed at his arm and leg, "I want you to have a perfect life, not a misery where you have a husband who can't even give you the very basic happiness."

I could feel, my eyes were turning blurry. I knew, what he was saying, was logically right, but I had always wore heart on my sleeves, "I guess you are right. . ."

"And it should be me who should have proposed you, not the other way around." Kevin chuckled. I could feel, there was a tiny of sadness to it, "You are too young Eva. You have a whole life ahead of you. . .what if you regret this in future, what if I never get well enough to. . ."

"Shhh." I put my point finger on his lips. How could a man's lips be this soft, fighting the urge to touch those with my own, "You will get better. Just put this into your dense head." His eyes warmed, and I continued, "I understand your concern Kevin. It's just. . . It's just I am always like this, I act on impulse. So never get angry if I ever say something which you don't like. Okay?"

Kevin laughed, "You are too good for your own good Evs. Can't you see, I can never get angry with you. You are the only light I have in my darkened life."

Normally brown eyes looked a bit dull, devoid of any emotion, but up close from here I could see the little flecks of black and brown surrounding his black pupil, it was just mesmerising. His eyes lit up with affection, "Evs. . .what will people say, if I marry you, when I am still. . ." And I knew, he was actually considering what I had just said.

"People! I never really cared about what people will say. Where were they, when you were bedridden, where were they when I lost my parents?" I shook my head, I knew I was rushing, "You might think, why am I asking you to get married! Kevin, I have lost my parents, the only two people who I loved with all my heart." I sighed, wishing I was wording out my feelings carefully, "I know, grandpa is there, but still I am scared. . .i am scared of losing you." I caressed his left cheek, "you might think it's too early for someone to fall in love this madly. But trust me, when I say, I truly love you."

Kevin kept looking at me, he was focusing on every words I said. A little v appeared in between of his brows, while he closed his eyes. "You are making it so difficult for me Evs."

"Kevin I. . ."

"Let's get married." His eyes snapped open at me, there was a determination in his voice, as if he was ready to take the plunge.

And I panicked. "No no. . . We don't have to. Ju

. . ." I couldn't finish my sentence, when a jeep whooshed by our car.

"Listen to me carefully Eva." Kevin turned to look at me, "you wont get out of this car. No matter what."

"Why are you saying this?" I asked, and then only I noticed, the jeep was coming backwards.

There were four of them, who looked drunk enough to not to realise what they were doing, one of them jumped out of the jeep, "Need help?" He smirked.

"No thank you. We'll manage." Kevin locked the car doors from inside, again he looked at me, "DO NOT GET OUT OF THIS CAR."

"Oh come on brother, we are here just to help. Dont fuss about it. You don't want us to help you, we get that, at least let us help this beauty." He laughed, and the other three joined.

Kevin again, tried to call Kaden, this time the phone rang but he didn't pick up. "Fuck." He slammed the phone on the car seat.

"Kevin, why are you. . ." I was already scared out of my wit, that I couldn't even manage to utter another word.

"Do not get out. No matter what. They can easily break the window. Look they have hockey sticks." He again snapped at me. He unblocked his side of the door and got out of the car with his crutch.

"But Kevin. . ."

The other three jumped out of that jeep, laughing monstrously, "Oh ho! Brave man, chill, we are not here to fight. Just let us have some fun with the girl. Anyhow you are not really able to make use of her. . .with this, I am sure you are not man enough to. . ."

And the next thing I saw just made me go cold suddenly. Kevin punched the man, who fell on the ground clutching his nose. "I am man enough to protect her."

The other three were ready to fight Kevin, when we heard another car approaching towards us, "Hey. . .hey what's happening here?!" It was Kaden.

Kaden and Eddy ran towards us, when those creeps backed down and fled from there in their jeep.

"You two okay?" Eddy asked to Kevin, who was again back to his sulk mode. He just nodded, he looked tired, this punching was really stressful for him.

"What Kevin, you shouldn't have come out of the car, did you forget that you are not fit enough to fight with them. For God sake, you can't even walk properly." Eddy snapped at him.

"Eddy!" I and Kaden almost shouted simultaneously.

"What! Anything could have happened to Evs. Then what were we supposed to do?!"

"Eddy shut up." I begged.

"He is right Eva." Kevin looked at me. There was something buried in his eyes that I couldn't be sure of and it scared me.

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