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   Chapter 9 The Proposal

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Chapter 9

Eva's POV:

It was much, much better! Last night I kissed him, I still remembered the feeling and the sensation. But now.. .the way he was kissing me, it was more than a kiss! He was just pouring his love, agony, anxiety. . . every emotion he was feeling.

We had to pull, we were both out of breath, panting heavily. I looked at him and found his eyes were still closed. To my astonishment, a lone tear escaped from his right eye.


"Give me a moment please. . . "

He opened his eyes, "You can't understand Eva, how I am feeling right now. . . It's just overwhelming!"

His eyes searched mine, I could feel the dilemma he was going through. He wanted to say something, but as if he was out of words.

"Eva, it just that. . . "

But somehow I understood his inner turmoil, I hold his face.

"You. . . look at me Mr. Kevin Wright, I. . . I would never ever leave you, whatever be the situation, trust me because I don't know how to flee."

He looked at me with those light brown eyes, and sighed, "I have never imagined, that selfishness can give, this much of happiness!"

"Now stop it, will you. . . If you continue to blabber these stupid things, I will break my promise, and leave you!"

Instantly, his arm tightened around me "that day would be the last day of my life!"

"Kevin.. "

"Eva.. "

My brows furrowed! "BTW why are you calling me Eva?"

"I thought that was your name."

"Don't try to act smart! You always call me Evs. .

antly I went back to my room and the very first thing I did was, I called Kevin.

"Why he is not answering the phone!" this was the fourth time I rang. I hoped everything was okay. I called again. . . And he answered!

"Yes Eva. . ." he sounded tired.

"Kevin. . . What happened? Everything is okay right?"

"Hmmm.. I. . . I will talk to to you later okay. . . Bye.. " he hung up and I thought I heard a sorry too.

Was he saying sorry?

But why?

"Eva please come downstairs." Grandpa's voice startled me, i was still thinking about Kevin.

Mr. and Mrs. William Wright, both were sitting there.

"They are here to ask for your hand for their son." Grandpa declared.

It just astounded me! What was he saying? Me and Kevin! I didn't know whether to be happy or not.

"Yes.. .Eva. . . Will you be our daughter in law? Will you accept Kaden as your husband?"

Wait what?



"But Kevin?" Somehow I managed to find my voice.

"He knows. . . "

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