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   Chapter 8 His dilemma

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Destined 8

Kevin's POV:

The way she was kissing me back, making everything blur around me. . . it was just me and my Eva.

I could feel her warm breath against my skin. I could feel her erratic heart beat. I could feel her shivers at my every touch. I could hear her moans, her groans; everything was just too much. I knew I needed to stop. Back of the mind I knew she was drunk, she might regret after regaining her senses. I could feel her hands sliding from my chest, to stomach, to my. . .

A wild loud honk, might be of some truck or bus pulled me out of the trance.

She opened her eyes, those eyes, full of love, only for me. She lifted a hand to my face and let it trace, my eyes, nose, lips, I had to stop her "You know, you are sort of beautiful. . . " Eva mumbled, "But annoyingly you have no guts. . . and you know, I guess I am falling for you."

She rested her head on my shoulder giggling, and she dozed off.

"Robin. . . let's go. " I shouted, rolling down my window glass.

"Right away sir. " he was about to sit into the car, but he looked at me.

"Sir, Your hand. . . "

As of now, I was only watching Eva, but the thing I didn't notice was, my left hand was clutching Eva's hand. I didn't notice, I had twitched my whole body towards her; that too without anyone's help.

I couldn't believe my own eyes! Again I tried to move my hand, but this time I felt a pang, Eva secured my hand with hers, mumbling a soft "Hmmm".

I reached home, and called Kaden. I couldn't drop Eva at her home, I didn't know, how her grandfather would react seeing Eva drunk.

"Brother. . . Evs. . . what is she doing here? "

"Kaden, she is drunk, I couldn't make my mind whether to take her at her home or not, so. . . "

"Evs drunk! Oh my God! I mean, did she do anything? She just cannot handle drinks!"

"Hmm. . . so now? "

"What now! Let's take her inside. . . Robin, please help brother with his wheelchair. " Kaden took Eva in his arms, and Eva mumbled, "Kevin. . . Hmmm" Kaden instantly looked at me and lifted her, and went inside.

I went inside, straight to the guest room, where Eva was sleeping peacefully. My angel, no my guardian angel.

"She is a nice girl, Brother. . . "


"What does that mean, I am not normal?" this time I grabbed a vase from the side table, "Easy Eva. . . Easy. . . There is a difference between a cushion and a vase!"

"fine I am going. That's what you want, so be it." I put the vase, and turned.

"I don't want you to go." he whispered.

I turned again only to see, he was looking at me with so much agony. "I want you to stay. . . I should not, I don't want to be this selfish. . . But I think I have no choice! " he sighed.

I walked towards him. "Then why are you pushing me away. . . Kevin?" his eyes brightened.

"I don't want you to stuck with me Eva. . . I don't want to ruin your life. I don't have anything to give you. . ."

"But I don't want anything."

He shook his head and laughed without humor, "you don't know the future Eva. . .I. . .I cannot be the man. . .I want to. . ." he struggled.

I sat on his lap and rested my head on his shoulder, "This is enough for me. . ."

"What if you regret in future?" He mumbled.

"I don't care. . . I don't need anything more. . ."

His eyes searched mine, "may be now you are okay, what if you. . ."

"Please Kevin, you know that you are not caged into this for life time. One day you will be on your feet. I will wait for you. We can overcome this together. . .please. . . Give me a chance, give us a chance. . .please. . ." I pleaded.

Something flickered in his eyes, "I really hope you don't regret this Eva. . . " and he placed his lips onto mine.

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