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   Chapter 7 Hello Future

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Chapter 7

Kevin's POV:

I took Eva, outside of the venue, holding her hand. I thought of calling my driver. That very moment she burst into laughter. "You just stole the limelight. And that b*tch will surely remember her wedding date." But suddenly as if something clicked in her mind, "by the way, wasn't she being too friendly with you?"

"Me? When?" I should admit, though she was drunk, I was quite enjoying her antics. "I saw, " she nodded, "when I was there on the stage."

"We'll talk about this later. Now please let me call the driver! " I tried to call but she snatched my phone and sat on the ground, "I don't wanna go!" again I was angry on this bloody wheelchair, "Please Evs, give me my phone back, let me call the driver? Please please give my phone back!"

"Driver, why driver? You. . .you can carry me to the car!" Eva shook her head like a stubborn little kid. How I wish, that I could do so, how I wished I could take her in my arms, how I wished I could. . .But I could not; "You know Evs, that's not possible."

Making me astounded, she got up and sat carefully on my right leg, encircling her hands around my shoulders. "Now you can. . . " my right hand instantly went around her waist, pulling her closer to me. She put my phone in my pocket, then took my left hand in her right hand and put it on her thigh. "Let's go?" She said, as if it was very comforting situation for her.

But I couldn't move, how could I! Of all the time I was dreaming about taking her in my arms, now when she was actually in my arms, I was dumbfounded

you can feel love but you fear what if you get dejected. That's the feeling of unhappiness, I don't know whether I could become normal or not, whether I could do those things I used to do. . .I am more unhappy with myself Evs, how could I want else to be unhappy!"

"You are a good man, you know, a bit annoying, I agree, but still you are a good man, " then she whispered, "and you know what. . ." her eyes were glinting with something, "Robin would you please stop the car and wait outside until I call you?"

He stopped the car at the nearest parking and almost sprang out of the car.

Poor man!

Eva smiled, she leant forward, and placed her lips onto mine. It took me off guard, I was stunned, just for a moment; and then I kissed her. I forgot everything - the million and one reasons I shouldn't, my fears, my incapability. . . Everything. I kissed breathing in the scent of her skin, feeling her soft hair under my fingertips, and the way she was kissing me back, making everything blur around me, it was just me and my Eva.

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