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   Chapter 6 Her Declaration

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Chapter 6

"Evs. . ."

"Hmmm. . . "

"Would you like to come with me?"


"At Alisha's marriage? "

Eva was shocked. "Are you sure? I mean you really want to go there?"

"I guess yes! But will you accompany me? "

What an odd request, she thought.

"I don't know, even I am not sure, whether you should go there or not." Eva just didn't want to see that vile girl's face. But something triggered in her mind, why did he want to go? "Ok. . . I will come with you." she couldn't just let him go there alone, what if that girl would insult him and. . .no no no, she just didn't want to see the broken state of him, again.

Kevin was thinking hard too. He didn't know, why he wanted to go there, that too with Eva. Or he just wanted to show Alisha, that her marriage wasn't affecting him. But surprisingly it was true, only Eva was in his mind. He just wanted to go with Eva, and he was sure, she would wear something pretty, not this regular stuff; and definitely it would enhance more beauty into her delicate figure.

"When is the marriage?"


"When is the marriage? "

"Day after tomorrow. . . Monday."

"Ok, see you then. On Monday."

Kevin panicked "Why, are you taking leave? Won't you come tomorrow?"

"Mmmm, actually tomorrow is a Sunday."

"Ohhh. . . Ya ok! Bye then! " he scowled.

Great now he had problems with Sundays too.


Though it's Sunday, Eva had to go to Wright Mansion. One project report that had to be delivered to the Johnsons on Monday, that too early morning. Considering the traffic problem of Bristol, she couldn't take the risk to give that file on Monday.

She learnt from Rosemary, that her boss was busy with his physiotherapist, at outside lawn and the whole family was there too.

"Eva, what has brought you here that too on a Sunday?" said Michelle, somehow she always became happy seeing Eva.

"Good morning mam, actually the project file of Johnson's. . ."

Kaden grabbed her hand and said "Ohh, let it be Evs, look at there. . .come" He pointed.

Kevin was busy doing his exercises, he didn't notice Eva. "Brother see, who has come to meet you, now you should chill." Kaden laughed and turned to Eva, "He was biting everyone's head off."

'She has come to meet me' he thought. The very thought of her being there for him, made his heart swelled.

"Actually, I have had to deliver that Johnson's status file tomorrow, that too early morning. but Bristol's traffic, we can't really rely on that. So. . ."

'For the file only!!!'

"You are here for the file, ohh. . . fine, if it's done then, you can leave." Kevin fumed.

"What! Oh c'mon Evs, now that you are here, let's have some fun!" Kaden again grabbed her hand and took her to the other side of lawn.

And Kevin so not liked it! He was watching Eva, so at ease with Kaden; laughing, whacking him. She was never like this with him. Of course, how could he forget, Kaden was her friend, he was not.

She was looking good though, in that blue sundress, the delicate material of that dress clung to her body, revealing all the curves she had, how would it feel to take her in arms, she must be soft, how would she react, if he did so, but she considered him, only as her boss, she always maintained the professional attitude towards him. It made Kevin a bit uneasy. He was so encaged in his reverie, that he

my gorgeous boyfriend Kevin Wright! Ohhh I am sorry, you people don't know me, I am Eva. . .Eva Jose! But he calls me Evs!"

Kevin nodded, "Yes Evs, come down, let's go home please? "

There were quite murmurs, sensing some drama, everyone came near to the stage.

"What is she doing? She will ruin my marriage, Kevin, do something! " Alisha hissed.

"That's what I am trying. . ."

"You. . ." pointing at Alisha Eva said, "you vile, stop talking to my boyfriend. You have some nerve girl, you have already ruined his life, so don't you dare, again!"

"Okay, so where i was, oh yes, I want to say something. . .first, I want to congratulate our bride and groom! Wish you all the happiness ahead! But I want to say something to jonah. . .you should be warier, you must wary, you are married to Alisha, our lovely bride! You know about her and Kevin right? How she left him on street to bleed?! How she left him because he got into that bloody wheelchair?! But its ok! She is your wife now! But you must control her, she is still hovering around Kevin! Why? And she calls me a gold digger! If I am one, what is she?"

"Enough Eva, come down and let's go!" Kevin ordered. Eva made a face but eventually listened.

"This is what you wanted, right, that's why you came, with your girlfriend, you are not happy to see me happy. I will never forget this Kevin never."Alisha howled.

"Ohh shut up, Alisha! You are the one who instigated, you called her a gold digger, you knew, she was already drunk enough to create a scene. But you being you, it's really impossible to behave like a woman I guess.

"And, Alisha, I really want to know, I have always wanted to ask you. Did you love me, for once at least, though it doesn't matter anymore but still, I had invested a lot in this relationship, and what i got was this bloody wheelchair."

He grabbed his Evs' hand and said softly to Alisha, "love is not making out like rabbits all the time Alisha, now I can understand that, after having Eva in my life. Try to love Jonah, try to stay with him in his hurdles, try not to ruin him. Because not everyone is lucky like me." He looked at Eva, who was smiling now; and he turned his wheelchair towards the exit leaving everyone startled.

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