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   Chapter 5 Facing The World

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Chapter 5

"I am not angry Eva, who would want to be with a cripple? Anyone would have done the same." Kevin smiled.

"Absolutely not. If I were her, I wouldn't have left you, never, ever."

Kevin was amazed, truly truly amazed. The girl, who he thought fragile when he first met her had emerged as a strong willed girl. The girl, who, he thought shy, was actually a fighter. The girl, who, he knew just for two weeks, stood by his side in front of Alisha. The girl, to whom Kevin opened up for the first time apart from his family.

"Then I must say it's my bad luck, that you were not her." Kevin smirked. Her over the top reactions were truly enjoyable.

"You know, whenever I think, okay, now I can be civil to you, you just open your mouth to irritate me. . .is it your forté or you are. . ."

A man, entered the room with as much force as if he was about to rip that door out of its frame.

"That vile, that Alisha. . ." He stopped as he saw there was a girl in bright yellow shirt and brown dress pants, standing with her hands on her hip, this posture was familiar to him, he couldn't see her face, as she was standing facing Kevin.

She turned.


"Evs!" He said with a big smile, his eyes were sparkling with excitement!

"She is my P.A Kaden! how do you know her?" Kevin was curious seeing Kaden and Eva hugging each other. "Ohh so she is the one, Mum was talking about. I wasn't home for only two weeks, and here, my big brother has got a new P.A. impressive!" Kaden said.

"Yes, but you didn't answer me, how do you know her?"

"Brother, she was my classmate, we did MBA from same college. One and only Eva, favourite of all the professors. I have even told you about her once. Remember?" Eva laughed and whacked Kaden's arm.

Something flickered in Kevin's eye. And yes Kaden noticed. Kevin's face looked hopeful. The way his Brother was looking at his P.A., the way he had constant smile on his face, whenever Eva said something it made Kaden think.

"A penny for your thoughts?" asked Eva.

"Actually million." Kaden winked. "Brother there is a meeting tomorrow with Johnsons you remember?"

"Oh yes, I have already read the file, and after reading, I think. . . ." cutting him in mid sentence, Kaden said "Why don't you come to office Brother? It's your presentation, you know all the points better."

"No, Kaden! I can't. . .It's just too uncomfortable. I just can't go there and. . . " Kevin sighed.

"Why not, you can't hide behind the door like forever, you have to go out and face the world." Eva determined.

"It's not easy, Evs, it's not easy."

"Only my friends call me Evs. . .and all my friends listen to me, so if you want to call me Evs, then you have to listen to me as well." Eva finalised. "You are going to office tomorrow and will attend the meeting".

Kaden was standing there and looking at these two. He knew Eva, who was always like this, determined, always ready to face the problem. But he knew his Brother too, who was as stubborn as a bull, no one had this much guts to say something on his face. But Eva did, and Brother listened! When Alisha left his Brother, he was so broken that he refused to take medicines, to meet doctors, as if he was trying to punish himself for loving that girl. It was Mum who convinced him, and it took six months! Now he could move his left hand, along with arm, though a bit. But his leg was still in the same condition. Kaden still remembered what doctor had said about Kevin. Kevin could move his hand and leg only if he was mentally ready. It would be his will power that would help him. 'May be a shock, may be a thing, may be a person could help him'. A person. . .right! Eva was that person, who could tame his Brother. Eva had to be with him every possible way.

"If you keep thinking this way, I am sure that day is not

far, when you would surely become a millionaire!" Eva laughed.

"No, I mean, Evs, are you coming tomorrow, with Brother?"

"Now she is my P.A Chote, she has to come!What say Evs?" Kevin asked.

"Sure, I will come." Eva answered with a victorious smile looking at both Kevin and Kaden.


William and Michelle both were happy, their elder son would be accompanying them to office after 9 months. "This had to be the girl, Eva. She is a very good influence on Kevin " said Michelle, while William was busy fastening tie! "I know Michelle, Kaden told me about her. She seems to be a nice girl."

"I just want my old Kevin back."


"Are you ready Brother?" Kaden said knocking the door of Kevin's room. Rosemary opened the door with a huge grin, saying "Kevin is looking so good."

"Really? He should look good, he is my brother after all." Kaden paused, at that very moment, Eva entered, saying "This traffic will be the death of me someday!"

And Eva's heart skipped a beat. What she saw was mesmerizing. Kevin sitting in front of her wearing a black suit, his hair was combed, and he trimmed his beard, which had become stubble now. She knew he was good looking from photos she had seen. But they didn't do justice to him.

"What checking me out again ?" Kevin arched his eyebrows. Eva's cheeks tinted a bit.

"Anybody would, Brother. Let's go." Kaden was way too happy seeing his brother like this.

There had been some uncomfortable glances, murmurs. But Kevin didn't care. He was too overwhelmed by the fact that he actually had come out of his home, and Eva, was solely responsible for this. He looked at Eva who was walking by his side with such poise and confidence.

The lights of the conference room dimmed, Eva looked at Kevin, whose concentration was on the projector. His furrowed eyebrows, said he was a nervous wreck, still to Eva he looked amazing. Her insides squeezed, there was this abnormal feeling in her belly, made her a bit uncomfortable, she readjusted herself in her seat, that's when Kevin turned to look at her.

His light brown eyes looked black, Kevin could feel the energy seeping out from Eva. There was something, that he couldn't pinpoint but the way Eva was looking at him, he felt confident. He felt handsome.

When Kevin started giving the presentation, Eva just gawked, if she thought Kevin was handsome, this confident Kevin just took her breath away. His baritone echoing through the every nook and cranny of the room, just added more manliness to Kevin. And Eva knew she was in trouble. She was attracted to her boss in a very wrong way.

After the meeting there was no such work, so William told Kevin to go home, and rest. It had been tiresome for him to be at his workplace, after so long time.

"So, if you are done today, may I go too?" Eva asked, after settling the files in Kevin's room. "Why? Now it's only four in the evening, and your timings are from Ten to Six." Kevin just wanted to stay with her, just to see her more, just to hear her voice more.

"Sure. . . But what should we do!"

"Hmmm! We are just spending so much time together, and I still don't know anything about you, so tell me about you. Your family, friends. . . Boyfriend. . ." Kevin was really not sure whether he wanted to know about her boyfriend. The very feeling of her being with someone else was quite irritating.

But why!!!

She told about her parents, how they died, how she came to Bristol with her grandfather, how it was so much difficult to adjust in a new environment. Her favorite colour, favourite book, favorite movie, favorite song, everything.

"What about your boyfriend?"

"I have never had any."

It was 7 in the evening, Eva was ready to leave.

"Evs. . . "

"Hmmm. . . "

"Would you like to come with me?"


"At Alisha's marriage?"

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