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   Chapter 4 The Revelation

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Chapter 4

"I am telling you Jaz, something is fishy. . . really fishy." She was talking to my long time best friend over phone. Somehow, she had managed to stay in touch with Eva when she had always shut Jaz out after the accident.

How selfish of me!


"Hmmm" nodded Eva. "But what I wonder!"

"Is he hot?" Jaz laughed.

"Shut up! I am talking about my new boss the Kevin Wright! God knows what does he think of himself!" Eva was truly annoyed.

"It was your first day Evs, and you are reacting like you know him for years" Jaz seemed genuinely interested, "Come on, now tell me what happened exactly. "

Eva narrated each and everything to her.

"Hmmm. . . I think he has fallen for you Evs! Wowww Evs, very first day of your job and your boss has fallen. . ." Jaz squealed.

"Have you lost it? Do you even realise what you are saying?"

She was about to hung up when Jaz said, "What Evs, it was a joke, I am sorry okay? But you know what, I think he is just having fun irritating you. Think once Evs, he has been caged into that wheelchair for months! Sure everyone treats him with extra care. . . And may be he is drowned in self pity, that's why when you said you won't be sympathetic towards him, it made him feel normal." Jaz concluded, "I think you are over thinking. Be yourself and don't give him that much importance."

"Maybe you are right, let's see, now what he does tomorrow." Eva sighed.


Two weeks had passed and with them emerged a routine of sorts. Every morning Eva would arrive at ten, Kevin would give her series of works that to be done. Sometimes Kevin would comment on something, and that would make Eva angry.

Today she was running late that morning because of the traffic, it was already twenty past ten.

Eva saw Michelle, pacing in front of the entrance nervously. Was Kevin alright, the very first thing that flickered in Eva's mind. "What happened mam? Is. . ."

"She is here Eva! She is here!" Michelle was on the verge of tears. That confused Eva more. "Who is here? Why are you. . . " without letting her finished, Michelle whispered, "Alisha. . ."


"Look Kevin, I know it's hard for you to accept, but being a human I have to move on, it's the basic rule of life! It's been a year Kevin, and you are still. . .I mean, I am already 27, my parents, they want me to get married! I didn't want you to know this from someone else, that's why I came here personally to let you know. . . Jonah and I, we are getting married." said Alisha fanning her hair away from her face.

Eva was standing outside of the opened door of Kevin's room. It was the same girl, whose photos she saw with Kevin at her very first day of this job. But she just couldn't take her eyes of Kevin. The man she knew for 2 weeks now was totally someone else! His eyes were grave, his shoulders were hunched, as if he was defeated and he was just staring at that girl, with those eyes; eyes, filled with ocean of emotions.

"Congratulations." Kevin said, he sounded empty.

"It would be nice if you could come at my wedding, but I know it wouldn't be easy for you." Alisha said that with a smirk. Eva just fought with an urge to throw the file at her, she was holding. "How mean she is!" Eva murmured, and without even thinking she entered the room shouting, "Hey, Kevin. . .what's up? I am so sorry that I am late", and she put her hand around his shoulder.

She looked at Kevin with a glint in her eyes, hoping Kevin would pick up what was going on.

It seemed Alisha was not at all happy with this, her lips were pressed in a thin line. It was clear from her expression, she was expecting Kevin to be in agony of losing her, which was certainly not the case here. It made her uneasy.

"Hey Alisha" Eva said cheerfully "I have heard a lot about you. I must say you are really beautiful. Your would be husband must be very lucky to have you. . .and hey congratulations."

Kevin was truly taken aback by the sudden change of Eva's behaviour. Only he could manage to see Eva once and Alisha once, He felt as if he was watching a game of tennis!

"I must leave now, okay, Kevin try to come and of course you can come with your girlfriend with you." And, Eva smiled gleefully at her.

"Bloody bi**h." Eva fumed looking at Alisha's retreating back.

"That was something, I must say, you are quite an actor." Kevin said staring at Eva. His face held no expression, so Eva couldn't understand whether it was a taunt or a compliment.

"Seems your smart mouth only gets active in front of me."

"You know about her, how come?" He sounded really tired, as if he could pass out then and

there, "I met Mam at the entrance. . .I am sorry if I. . ." before letting her complete, Kevin left the room with a low hum of his wheelchair.

Eva shrugged and took her seat in front of the computer that had been provided for her to work. After two hours, working alone in that room, Eva tried to look for her boss. There was a companion room with this room, used as a library.

He must be there.

She knocked lightly. "Mr Wright, are you there?"

It was then she heard a sound of splintering glass. Eva opened the door, stood there gripping it's handle. The destruction was over, around thirty framed photographs lay into pieces on the floor. Of course they were all of Alisha's and his.

"So this is it? Or you want me to bring some other things, I mean, you can demonstrate your anger on them too, imagining her." She used her hands to quote the word her.

His eyes met with Eva's, a soft smile broke across his face for the first time after Alisha left.

"You know, Eva, this Eva name, doesn't suit you at all" he paused, "Sumo, yes, people should call you Sumo, the wrestler. "

Eva's eyes shimmered "I don't mind, you can call me Sumo if you feel like."

The next thing Eva heard was booming laughter of Kevin. "Why am I not surprised!" Kevin stopped abruptly, as if he, himself was surprised of his sudden outburst. "Ask Rosemary to send someone to clean all this mess!"

Eva turned around to follow his instruction. "Don't you want to know why am I in this wheelchair?" Kevin almost whispered.

"If you want to, I am all ears."


"Me and Alisha, people used to say, we were made for each other. I thought that too. We were both from same college, though we became friends when we went to London for our higher studies. We used to live together there." Kevin paused looking at Eva, as if he wanted to read her reaction with this tiny bit of a revelation. She smiled. . .with her encouragement Kevin continued, "We were different, our goals, our thinking, our ways of expressing things. . .everything. . .but still we loved each other. Our families were very supportive. Mum and Dad both welcomed Alisha with open arms." Again Kevin paused as if he was trying hard not to get carried away with the emotions he was feeling. He again looked at Eva, who reassured him to continue.

"That was the last day of our university, it was ours farewell party. Alisha was wearing black thigh length dress, yes it was pretty revealing. I didn't mind though, I loved her the way she was.

"We left that party midway, as we wanted to party together, only two of us. we had to take a taxi as both of us were drunk. So I called for one. You know we shouldn't have waited outside of that place. At least I didn't know, the place was not safe.

"A group of boys came there, of course they were drunk. One of those boys commented on Alisha. To my surprise she giggled. That took me off guard and I punched him, on his face. But I knew I couldn't take them all down so I told Alisha to run to the party and come back with some help. They were seven altogether!"

"Then what happened?" Eva whispered.

Kevin sighed, "She did run, but towards the taxi we were waiting for, yes it had arrived by then. I was flabbergasted you know! The girl I loved, she was just running away leaving me like this. Then something hard hit my head, and I fell on the ground and I saw a motorcycle coming towards me and. . .and it just smashed my back! Then someone dragged me. . ." Kevin stopped seeing Eva, flinched. "I am not going to tell you all the gory details. You won't be able to hear all of that." He sighed.

"Next day I opened my eyes in a hospital surrounded by doctors, machines, and plasters, all over me. Doctors Diagnosed after doing several of tests, that left side of my body was paralyzed, for how long no one knew."

"What about Alisha? Didn't she come?"

"She did. Said sorry, said she was scared, she couldn't think properly as she was drunk. It continued for 3 months, then one fine day she realised she could not wait longer, she realised I might have been caged in this wheelchair for lifetime, and then she realised she was in love with someone else!" Kevin laughed without humor.

"Just like that?" Eva was royally pissed. "How could she? Wow!" she paused, "And you still haven't moved on? You are still hurt just because she is getting married! Are you out of your mind? Don't you have self respect! It's just. . .just too much!"

"I am not angry Eva, who would want to be with a cripple? Anyone would have done the same. " Kevin smiled.

"Absolutely not! If I were her, I wouldn't have left you, never, ever!"

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