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   Chapter 2 The Opportunity

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Chapter 2.

"For your son!" Okay not so bad, Eva thought. Wait didn't she just tell her that for any kind of job she would have to show the original credentials! Then why was she offering this job?

"But mam you just said that without my... " cutting in middle of her sentence Michelle said, "I am OK if you provide me your marks sheets after three months." Seeing hesitation in Eva's eyes, Michelle stated, "Your salary will be £80, 000 per month and of course with that, normal perks, like travel allowances, daily allowances, will be given to you as well."

Eva was literally shocked. Was it a kind of joke? She had an idea how much a personal assistant could earn. She was about to ask all her queries, when Michelle said, as if she could read her mind, "You must be wondering why am I giving you this much of remuneration!" She sighed as Eva didn't answer. "You will get to know eventually. It's just that, it's not easy to work with my son. You have to be very patient. Yes patience that's the key word."

"You know mam your words are quite frightening! But still I'll give it a try. So I have to give an interview? Which one is his cabin? But what if he rejects me?" Eva asked worriedly. She really needed the job. She was no more capable of being a burden on her grandfather, the only person who loved her unconditionally after her parents.

"No not in this office. Kevin works from home. So you have to come to my home everyday!" explained Michelle.


"So from when are you willing to start?" asked Michelle.

"May be from tomorrow. Actually I have to ask my grandpa before accepting your job." Eva said, as she was still finding the job a bit weird, as if she was missing something.

"Sure sure. I'll wait for your call. This is my card. Call me when you decide. " both of them stood up and Eva was about to leave, that very moment Michelle said "I really wish that your decision will be in this job's favor! I'll be waiting." then she left, leaving Eva more curious.

As expected her grandpa was not very happy, but again he said yes, just because he saw the happiness on Eva's face after a long time. Eva had already called Michelle, and she was ready to face that not so easy to work with Mr Kevin Wright.


"Good Morning, Eva, it's so nice to see you again." beamed Michelle.

"William, this is Eva, the girl I was talking about last night "

"Oh yes, it's really nice meeting you Eva! I am Kevin's father William Wright." Eva shook his hand and said "Pleasure is all mine sir".

"Michelle I think you should take her inside" he paused "and let her meet Kevin."

" Hmm. . ." sighed Michelle.

"Kevin. . ." Michelle called when they got nea

r of a closed door. "He is getting dressed" a voice came from inside. A woman's voice, his wife, Eva thought. To her astonishment an aged woman came out of the room. "He is ready now. . .You can go inside." she said, looking at Eva sympathetically, "He is not in a good mood today."

"Hmmm, Kevin, may we come in?" Michelle asked really politely, which made Eva thinking, how her Mumused to barge in her room, and how she never bothered to knock even.

" If I say no, Will you listen mother? No right? So why are you even asking ?" a deep husky baritone that made Eva almost jump. Irritation in his voice was very much audible.


She went inside with Michelle who introduced her to the owner of that baritone.

"Kevin, this is Eva Jose. From today she will be your personal assistant and he is Kevin Wright my son and your boss." Michelle sounded as much nervous as Eva. Though Eva couldn't understand for what reason a Mumcould be so nervous of her own son.

"And who gets to decide that Mum you?"


Eva didn't hear a single word after that. The man Kevin Wright was something to look at. He was truly handsome. Even when he had disheveled hair, unkempt beard which really needed to shave. And his eyes. . .That light brown eyes, He just got the killer eyes in true sense. He was tall even when he was sitting... sitting on a...on a... wheelchair!

"What? Are you checking me out? Or should I lose my shirt, that shall give you a better view!" Kevin smirked.

Eva's eyes popped out and blood started pooling to her cheeks. She wanted to say something but couldn't find a word to deliver.

"Kevin, stop it! I'll be happy if you can behave like a gentleman at least with Eva!" Michelle 's voice was an octave higher.

"I am on my best behaviour today mother, but is she mute? Can't she talk? And she is standing there like a dumb! Are you sure that she is capable of being an assistant! You know right, how much I hate dumb people! " Kevin said staring straight at Eva.

"This is it" Eva mumbled, this Kevin Wright was literally getting on her nerves. "You know Mr Wright there is a proverb which I am sure you haven't heard of! 'Empty vessels make more noise'! I am standing here quietly that doesn't imply that I am dumb. May be I am much wiser to answer to your stupid rants." fumed Eva. "And just because you are on wheelchair, that doesn't make me sympathetic towards you. So I would request you to behave properly with me and maintain the decorum of the relationship between a boss and a personal assistant."

"You've got a bit temper, isn't it?" Kevin was clearly amused.

"I don't like people who are such a know it all."

"Hmmm, Follow me then."

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