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   Chapter 1 It's Just The Beginning

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Destined. .

Chapter 1.

Through teary eyes Eva watched the sun falling behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink, and she thanked God that this day had come and gone. All the pain she had suffered. All the hurt she had felt. Everything. Gone. though only for a day. Another day would come with another sets of problems.

She sighed, another failure, the sixth failure to be precise. How brutally they had asked her to leave. She had been giving interviews since she had shifted to Bristol, but nobody was ready to give her a chance. All she wanted was a chance.

Eva still remembered those days, the last days of her happiness, when she still dreamt of most ridiculous things, when life was easy.

But that one day, changed everything.


"Eva, wake up, it's already eight in the morning. Evaaaa!"

Isn't that my Mum?

"Indeed. There is no doubt that I am your Mum. Today is your campus placement interview, and here you are still in the bed."

She sat up, rubbing her eyes, with the heel of her palm, "Huhh! Such a beautiful dream it was, but you had to ruin, you could have waited a bit!"

Ella rolled her eyes saying "First be there on time, then only you can fulfill your dreams. It's already eight, and look at you, sleeping like a baby, no worries at all."

"Hmmm." Still not satisfied with her fragmentary dream, Eva asked, "Where is Papa, by the way! Is he coming with me or not?"

"Of course I am coming! My princess is going to get a job. I have to see that on my own eyes! " said Robert. "Come on, freshen up and have breakfast, I am waiting for you outside."

Eva sighed thinking, again the car might have broken down! But as stubborn as her Papa was, he was never going to give up on this car!

"Got all your credentials beta?" Her over worried Mum Ella asked for the umpteenth time, to which Eva sighed, and nodded again.

She never liked it whenever she had to sit at the backseat of the car, but this time she was not alone there, her Dad made her Mum sit there too. "Papa, you know how much I hate to sit here, you didn't even let Mum to sit beside you. Seriously Papa, you had to put that stupid bouquet there." She whined.

"Don't be a crybaby, This is for my princess, what, you don't expect me to congratulate my daughter empty handed."

Papa and his antics!

She rolled her eyes, "But Papa. . ." She wanted to argue more and that's when a huge truck rammed into the back of the car, before she could understand, her little car rolled over several time, breaking glasses, crushing-squeezing from all sides, only thing Eva could feel was silence, an extreme piercing silence. She wanted to scream, she wanted to fight, but the smell of fuel leaking didn't help her much, unable to take it anymore she closed her eyes, as if someone pushed her into a deep sleep.

A single lone tear rolled down her cheeks. It had been three months, but still it felt like yesterday. She wanted to cry, she wanted to thrash everything, around her. But life never waited for anyone. Eva had to shift to Bristol with her maternal grandDad, as there was nobody to take care of her.

Her granpa Victor Jose was a clerk at a bank. The money he had saved for his old age was enough for a lonely man like him. But now that Eva moved in his house, he had to take car

e of certain expenses.

She needed a job in any case. But she had lost her credentials in the accident. As though she had requested to her university for the duplicates, but it would take some time to get those in her hands.


The next day, and another interview. Eva knew she would hear the same answer again, but still she wanted to try. She got up, and got ready.

At the breakfast table, two experienced eyes met with her. "You are pushing this very far Eva." Her grandDad said softly. "Just wait for the mark sheets to arrive. Then you can hunt down every job available in this city." He laughed at his own joke.

Eva looked at him, "I just want to. . . Grandpa, please don't fret over this. . ."

"You just want to help your old man here. I understand Eva, but still I would suggest to wait for another month." His eyes crinkled at its corners, "and I am sure, you are not going to listen to me. Fine. All the best then."

"Thanks grandpa." She mumbled, she wanted to listen to him, he the only family she had. But sitting idle at home was simply killing her. She wanted to get busy. Eva wanted to get away from this lonely man, how badly he was trying to stay happy for her when he had lost his only son and daughter in law. He didn't deserve this. Not at this age.


"No Ms. Jose you have to show us the original credentials of yours. As you said, these are only print out of the soft copies you have saved in your computer." said one of the interviewers.

" But, sir, as I told you I have lost my certificates and marksheets at an accident! It will take just a month to get the originals. I have already applied for the duplicates."

"Sorry Ms Jose, rules are rules."

She came out of that cabin with teary eyes, and sat on one of the chairs that had been provided for the candidates, at the Wright n Sons. Though she was sure that they would reject her, but still again she had hoped she would get this job.

A light tap on her right shoulder, wiping up those tears, she saw a beautiful lady, was smiling at her.

"What happened?" she asked softly.

There was something in her voice, that for a moment, Eva felt her Mum was standing there. She stood up and hugged that lady saying, "Everything is getting out of my hand...I...I don't know what to do!"

"You can tell me, And first stop crying." Eva sighed and let go of her, she felt she should say everything, and she did.

"Hmmm. . . These are certain rules we have to maintain, nothing can be done!"

"So I have to wait for another month to get a job?"

"Unfortunately yes. But..." She paused as if contemplating something, "I don't know how will you react, I have a job for you."

Eva gawked at her saying "But may I know who am I talking to?"

"Finally, I thought you are never going to ask! Hello...I am Mrs Michelle Wright, one of the board members of this company."

Eva gasped! All this while she had been telling her story to one of the board members. Embarrassment crept all over her body, making her blush profusely.

"You didn't answer me. Are you interested?"

"What kind of a job if I may ask?"

"Of course you may. You can say it is a post of a personal assistant." Michelle explained.

"For you?" Eva sounded hopeful. She was already liking this lady.

"No, for my son, Kevin Wright."

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