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   Chapter 32 The end and the beginning

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Harmony turned around, now naked to her waist, with her eyes still closed….she wanted nothing but to have him inside of her…she was in another world entirely and she wanted nothing more than this.

She felt like she was in a dream but a kind of reality as well, except that all she could think about was to have him…his fingertips were electric but she couldn't open her eyes to see him…she loved this subconscious state and she was afraid that opening her eyes may make the whole thing end.Both of them moved in an intoxicated dance of limbs, and touching him was like being handed the holy her heart was either going to mend or to either break…she was tired of the foreplay, she needed more…

"Take me please…" she pleaded, unzipping his jeans with her hand….

"Open your eyes…" he whispered to her.

"I do not want to."

"You have to."

Slowly she opened her eyes….and what she saw sent a paralyzing scream out of her….it was a pair of shimmering red eyes and she was unable to run…she was trapped in both the present and the dream land…


Odin laughed as he felt stronger…he could tell that he was going to have her….she was weak…and so was Ichabod…

He could feel the surge of her blood vessels and his hunger for her blood intensified….

Ichabod tried to fight but he couldn't…he couldn't believe he was going to kill her again just like he had done so many years ago…his mind went to Tracy…

Odin bared his teeth and was about to plunge it deep into her neck but the next thing his memory brought was Tracy's laughter….how she had hugged him at the show…how she had told him she loved him like this…their dance together and finally when Tracy had kissed and he had changed….

All of a sudden, his fangs began to vanish and he felt himself getting weaker….


Harmony was startled. She couldn't say anything but when the eyes turned back to normal and she realized it was Ichabod…her heart fluttered and their lips met….with one quick thrust, he entered her and the world ceased.

She began to remember everything….how he had saved her from the rape…how they had fallen in love. How they had almost got married….how the witch had cursed him and he had turned to a vampire to bite him….just that she didn't die…the witch had also put a hex on her, causing her never to age. She was trapped in time for this moment until she was given a whole new life…as a celebrity…and her true life story as her movie shows….


When Ichabod got off her…he was relieved….somehow with the memory of Tracy, he had won….he kept panting and kept thinking of how he would explain all this to Harmony.

When Harmony opened her eyes…she looked as if she was lost but then she saw him…

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Ichab! You did it! You brought us back…"

Ichabod frowned, "Harmony, Im sorry, I really wish I know how to explain and…"

"Who are you calling Harmony? It is I, Dennis! I am back!"


Ichabod was confused.. How could this? How could Harmony be Dennis all of a sudden? Still he helped her up into her gown. She kept looking at him in wonder and surprise until she was fully clothed…

"My love you don't believe me do you?" she asked him.

If he didn't believe anything, Harmony had never called him that before except Dennis.

"I don't understand, "he replied.

"I don't understand either bu

her who were standing close by, talking to Vivian who was practically losing her mind.

"Harmony, I cannot do this. How could you give me access to everything. This is your story, you should it, direct it and everything…"

"No. I am done Vi. Besides, I know you are capable of that, " Harmony replied.

"No, I am not okay. This is all so unreal. So I don't even know if to call you Dennis or Harmony…"

Harmony laughed, "Call me Harmony, that is who I am to you. Dennis only belongs to one person."

Vivian sighed. "So you are leaving all these behind?"

Harmony nodded. "It was only an unreal part of my life. My family is my life now…"

"I still cannot believe this…" Vivian kept on.

"That is why it's a fiction isn't it? Write it out, act it out, people will think its just another movie…oh here comes my husband."

Ichab turned to them…" are you two done?"

Vivian shook her head. "I am yet to hug and kiss my goddaughter…" she said and took Tracy in her arms, kissing her. Then she put her down and hugged both her friend and her husband.

"I hope I will see you again?" she asked Harmony.

"Yes, invite me to the premier of the movie when it comes out…" Harmony replied as they went on their way…

"So, what should I title it?" she shouted aloud…

Harmony and her husband exchanged glances and she replied…."You will figure it out!"

"Okay, I hear you." Vivian shouted looking at them as they went further inside and she could see them no more…

She looked at the book in her was the screenplay which Harmony had drafted out for her…

"I think I know the best title for that…" said a woman close to her whom she recognized as the woman that had hugged Ichabod earlier.

"Oh really?"

"Yes…why don't you title it-Ichabod?" she suggested.

Vivian thought for a while and smiled. "That will be so good. I am Vivian…"

"I am Rashidat, I think we can work it out into a grand movie together…"

"Awesome…I believe we can do that. So, I need a friend so badly, do you think we can be bestfriends please? My bestfriend just left."

Rashidat laughed, "of course, " she said before the two went together, walking out of the airport the same time when a particular flight took off…..

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