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   Chapter 31 The Fight for her soul

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Michael sat in one of the rooms in the building. He had about four screens in front of him, one was showing the entrance of the building, another, the frontal area and the rest showed several angles in the room.

He was going to take down a monster tonight and he would show the whole world exist. He couldn't imagine how it had found his way down to Nigeria. Once the world saw this, his public image would be boosted and he would become even more influential, recognized and richer than before. Moreso, he could take his child with him when he showed the Video in court. How Harmony had been sleeping with a monster. Her whole reputation would be ruined.

He looked at the ring on the table. Once the man appeared, he would attempt to save his beloved but he would find himself in a pentagon which he had drawn with a chalk on the floor where Harmony was bound. This was meant to restrain his movement. He would never be able to come out of the Pentagon. Once he locked the beast down, he would be trapped in the pentagon until sunlight would come up in the morning to burn him alive right in front of Harmony. Still, should that not work, he had a stake in place. A wood with a sharp and pointy edge which he would drive into his heart just like in the movies.

Quickly, he spoke into his walky-talky. "Luke, are you all in your places? Over?"

"The men are on standyby as well."

"Roger that. It's almost twelve, let's wait for our guest to get this party started."


Harmony was getting weaker by the second and she didn't have much energy in her again to shout with.

Her eyes were beginning to close up and she struggled against it but she couldn't help it.

All of a sudden she heard a loud noise…

"It's 12 on the dot!" said Michael from somewhere but she wasn't paying attention anymore. Right now, she was slipping into a total blackness and she couldn't fight it…


"It's about time for some fun!" Odin shouted as he walked in. It was an uncompleted building so he didn't need any invitation.

"Michael, where are you? Come

e hit his head against the wall and he fell to the ground…


"Next time, make sure you target the heart very well, " Odin said to him, walking closer to him and lifting him off the floor and against the wall.

"This is for being a bad father…" he said, punching him across the cheek.

"Now this is for wasting my time…" he flung him across the room again and Michael collided into the set of screens he had carefully positioned…they all clattered to the wall.

Finally Odin walked up to him. "This is for trying to kill me…"he said, holding Michael's fingers and breaking it one after the other…as he was about to give him one final punch around the neck, he felt something came over him and his attention went to the yellow moon that he could see turning into a full blue moon….Harmony's moaning increased and he stood up…

"It is Time!"


With one hand, he lifted Harmony in his hands and carried her to a table which he cleared with his hand.

He laughed sardonically as he planted a kiss on her lips…Harmony kissed him back hungrily and his body responded likewise.

Right now, he wasn't just odin or just Ichabod…he was both a beast and a man…he flipped her over gently, burring his neck into her hair….kissing and savoring every part of her….their tongues were entwined in a kiss as both beast and man fought to possess her soul…

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