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   Chapter 30 The Climax

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"You have to calm down Ichabod…" Rashidat said as Ichabod kept pacing to and fro.

"I can't. My heart is beating so fast and…." His eyes shimmered red. He laughed sardonically like Odin would but all of a sudden, he went back to being himself again. "I can't control him…" Ichabod cried, taking the bottle from his pocket but it only remained a few drops.

"You can't take those anymore Ichabod. Today is the day, it's of no use." Rashidat said, "Besides, you are with me, what do you have to fear, I can handle Odin."

"Oh I bet you can handle me naughty girl!" Odin said all of a sudden….pulling Rashidat close to him.

"Leave me alone Odin and try and behave…" she shouted.

"But what is the fun in that? You love me like this don't you?' he asked, sniffing every part of her.

"You are frightening us all Odin…"

"Well, I know you are not frightened…you see, that is why I like you so much. Imagine what happens tonight when you can finally have me like this….to yourself…" he said, bringing his lips down to Rashida's lips forcefully….the lady pushed him away with a slap.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry…" Ichabod apologized, cleaning the lipstick from his lips. "I am so not stable…"

"You need to keep your emotions in check!" she said, wiping her smudged lips.

"I apologize please."

"It's okay, excuse me."

Ichabod watched as Rashidat left and he laughed, "such a sassy naughty girl…" quickly he kept quiet and went back to his normal self. Then he brought out the bottle and took the last drops…


Harmony checked the time, it was some minutes past ten in the midnight. She had just taken her bath and was lying down. Her mind was going through everything that Tonia had discussed with her. she had told her that she had come from the past and that, he was here too. Now she couldn't stop thinking of who it could possibly do. She would be meeting her soul mate tonight, in the full moon and she would have to make a choice between the demon and the real person.

This was in

ked. "Trust me, she is somewhere close, sleeping peacefully. Now I need you to focus, for what you are about to see tonight. The time is 11:50, we have ten minutes more."

"For what Michael? This is madness! You need to check into a psychiatrist hospital! You have gone mad!"

"Well, we will see about that tonight."


Odin strolled into Harmony's house whistling to himself but was surprised when everywhere was quiet.

"This seems so wrong, " he said to himself and instead walked to her room. When he spotted himself in a billion mirror---he laughed. He could see Ichabod instead.

"Hello pal, now where is she?" he asked, talking into the mirror that surrounded her room wall.

"I don't know odin. I think something has happened." Ichabod replied.

"Hmm…I guess she got an advise from the witch." Odin growled and tried to sniff the air. That way he caught a familiar scent. " Michael!" he growled. Then he spotted Harmony's phone on the bed and picked it up. He went through her contact and dialed Michael's number.

"Hey ugly face, haven't your mama told you not to interfere when the grownups are in a fight? Where is she?"

"I will send the address now…" came Michael's voice and a message came in.

"Hmm…" Odin grunted, and then changed into Ichabod. He brought out his car keys and dashed out of the house.

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