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   Chapter 29 What she needs to do

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"What do you mean he is not invited?" Harmony demanded, "he is with me."

"Yes, I know but he has to stay outside if you want me to help you, " the woman retorted.

Harmony looked at Vivian who shrugged and turned to Ichabod. "You are okay outside right?"

Ichabod nodded. "Don't worry, I will wait just here."

Harmony wasn't sure but then she had no choice than to leave him behind.

The interior was decorated with different paintings hanging on the wall. Harmony was surprised since there were no TV or DVD or any modern design, apart from the beautiful work of arts.

"Sit down please, " Tonia said and they did. Vivian and Harmony sat on a couch while Tonia sat on a stool in front of them.

"Tonia, she is the lady I told you about, " Vivian said to the woman.

"Your birthday is tomorrow, " Tonia said like a statement instead of as a question.

Harmony nodded, a bit surprised that she could tell. Vivian giggled beside her, "I told you she is good."

"Well, I'm a star so I think everyone who uses social media would know, " Harmony replied quietly but Vivian rolled her eyes.

"Lemme see your hand, " Tonia ordered and Harmony looked at Vivian who nodded to her to extended her hand to Tonia.

"Lemme see the palm."

Harmony opened her palm and Tony grabbed it, immediately, Harmony felt a vibration go through her and she realized that the black pupil in Tonia's eyes was no more, both her eyeballs were now completely white. The vibration went on for a while and then it stopped. Tonia let go of her hand.

Harmony sighed as she felt more at ease. She also realized that Tonia's eyes had gone back to the normal.

"You are not from here are you?" She asked Harmony who was confused but Tonia

"No Ichabod, " she replied, standing up. "Everything is not okay and you cannot be here tonight. There is something I need to do tonight and you cannot be here."

He frowned. " I cannot be here? I don't understand, please tell me everything…."

"I can't Ichabod. You have to go too, please. You can come back tomorrow. If I'm able to survive tonight, you will see me but if not…" before she could finish, he silenced her with his lips on hers…after a while he pulled away.

"I will see you soon, " he stated and took his leave.

Harmony sighed as he left as well. Seconds later, Tanya and Tracy came out. Tracy's bag was packed and the girl looked confused.

"Mum I don't understand." Tracy cried and Harmony went on her knees to speak to her.

"Darling, mummy has to do something tonight and she doesn't need anyone here. So Mrs. Tanya will take you to our former house. Then she will bring you tomorrow when I'm done." She kissed Tracy who was now being led away.

Finally she was alone….

Quickly, she brought out her phone and dialed the number she had memorized on Vivian's phone…

"Hello Tonia, I am ready, what do I need to do?"

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