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   Chapter 28 Getting Closer

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Updated: 2019-04-04 08:48

Harmony was busy planning for her birthday which coming up the following day. Event center has been paid for and they still had lots of things to shop for.

"You know you need an assistance, " Vivian said as they walked through the boutique.

"An assistance? I already have you, what else do I need assistance for?" she replied while checking out a pink hat in the mirror.

"Well, maybe you need to increase my payment cos I'm doing the work of two assistants, " Vivian replied, removing the hat from her head.

"Maybe you need to stop complaining and be happy that you are my assistant." Harmony replied, checking out a pair of glasses.

Vivian frowned, "what are you checking that out for? You already have like a dozen of sunshades, unless you want to buy it for me."

Harmony chuckled, "hell no, this is for Ichabod. I thought I needed to buy him some new cloths Some jeans and shirts as well, to make him look hotter instead of those jeans he's always wearing."

Vivian giggled, "aww, that is really sweet. Come, I think there is this section we need to go to."

Together, they went to the men section and Harmony began to pick out some shirts but stopped, looking worried.

"Oh, no, no. Don't you dare fade out on me like that girl! What is this time? You know you have issues, one time you will be all happy and gay and the next you will be just down. Are you pregnant girl?"

Harmony sighed. "I think I need help, Vivian."

Vi frowned, "well, I already told you, you need more assistants but if you will be willing to pay me double, then I', m down."

"Look this is not a funny thing. I really need help."

Vivian looked serious. "What sort of help then?"

"I've been having these strange dreams more often than normal Vi and I'm afraid that, something terrible may happen on my birth

" Harmony demanded, still looking everywhere.

Vi laughed and knocked on the door, then she turned around. "You remember you rmovie, the DOUBLE? I had to look for houses like this for the woman that played the Psychic, I found this house but the director said it was too creepy for the setting. Later I discovered that the woman who owns it is actually a really psychic. Too bad, it would have been perfect."


Ichabod's mind was not at rest, especially when he could sense the movement of the powerful woman inside as she got closer to the door. The door opened but instead of the old toothless ugly witches of his time, he was surprised to see a woman who wasn't old at all and the worst part, she was smiling at the two ladies.

"Hello, Tonia, " Vivian shouted and the two hugged.

Ichabod watched as Vivian introduced Tonia and Harmony to each other and they hugged but when Vivian mentioned him and their eyes met…it was like his breath ceased. The smile on the woman's face disappeared but she turned to the ladies.

"Come on you two…" She said to them.

"Come Ichabod." Harmony said.

As Ichabod was about to follow, he was stopped by the woman, "no, you are not invited to my home!"

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