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   Chapter 27 A friend indeed

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He checked the time for the fifteenth time and realized it was 11:30. Her head was still resting on his chest and with the way she was breathing, he could tell that she was not yet asleep but she was beginning to drift off gradually.

He kept patting her slowly on the back and just like that, her breathing became erratic, meaning she was falling asleep slowly. Thank goodness!

Slowly, he slid from under her, carefully and cautiously…then when he was finally able to get her properly positioned on the bed, he stood up, checked his time and dashed off.


He found Rashidat already waiting for him outside with the van.

"What took you so long? We don't have all the time." She said, opening the door for him while he got in. He said nothing for he remembered she had scratched him the last time.

"Well, aren't you going to say anything?" She asked.

"How about you apologise first?"

"For what?"

"For scratching me…" he replied.

"Oh, that was for your own good you know." She replied, laughing, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, can we start going?" he asked.

"Yea, sure, hold on, " she opened the safe and dipped a hand inside to bring out the ring. " Hey, here you are."

"Oh, thank you so much Rashidat. You are a darling, " he said, sliding his finger into the ring and he sighed. "It feels so good to have this with me, I am never taking it off again. How did he escape again?"

"Oh, well, after we got to our place and we tied him up, I left to do something, by the time we got back, he was gone and one more thing, " she said, looking sad all of a sudden, "he shot Adam and the other man that was tied up."

When he heard this, he snapped and the next thing hat came out of his lips was a deep growl….

"That bastard!" he shouted.

"Calm down Odin, look, we need to have a good plan in place, okay…he is stronger than we think and now that he knows your secret, we need to get things done before the full moon."

"Is the old man going to be okay?" Odin demanded.

"I hope so Odin, but you need to be ready for anything…And I switched the ring with another that looks similar just as you suggested" She replied. "So this means he has no idea that we have the ring."

"That is really good. And trust me, I'm always ready. So who is with Adams?"

"My father is with him, " she replied."The only time you can see him is now, you cannot see him while you are Ichabod, if Harmony k

u always act like a hero every night? Catching the bad guys?" the girl asked again excitedly.

Odin groaned, "I I am no hero, I catch the bastards. I am the bad guy."

"Well, I like this part of you Ichabod. You should be like this more often. It's fun." She said.

"Something is going to happen right now little girl. Try not to run away…"

Tracy chuckled, "you don't scare me Odin. I know you won't hurt me."

Odin frowned, a bit impressed but this was replaced with a sudden pain throughout his body as he felt himself change back to Ichabod….

When Ichabod realized he had changed right in front of Tracy, he panicked…what has he done! How could Odin be so stupid?

"Wow! That was so cool just like in the movies…"Tracy gasped with a smile but Ichabod was confused. The little girl had probably thought it was a trick of some kind. Quickly he knelt in front of her.

"Tracy, please, you must not speak of this thing that you had just witnessed."

Tracy smiled and winked, "I will keep your secret Ichabod."

Ichabod was unsure, he still couldn't believe that Odin would change in front of such a little girl…the door opened immediately and Harmony came in.

She looked surprised to see Ichabod…

"How, why.were you not the one I saw….?" She asked, confused.

"You must have been mistake mom, Ichabod has been with me for hours. I couldn't sleep and he stayed with me."

"Oh, okay. Now go to bed, it's too early." Harmony replied, lifting her back to bed.

Ichabod excused herself, shutting the door shortly behind him and feeling as if he had just had a narrow escape from death.

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