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   Chapter 25 STRANDED

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"Have you seen Ichabod?" Harmony asked Vivi who looked startled where she sat.

"Jeez! Girl you scared me. Chill, he will show up soon." She replied, chatting on her phone.

Harmony frowned, "he will show up? It's been more than four hours since I have been on set and he's not back yet."

Vivian frowned, "come on, chill. Don't be a stalker girlfriend please. It's not cool. Here. Take a drink." Vivia said offering her a cup of wine which Harmony took reluctantly. She sat on a stool next to Vi's and watched as new cast took over the set.

"Did he tell you before he left?" she asked.

"Sure, I only asked him to get somethings for me, he should be on his way back."

"You asked him to get you something without telling me?" she snapped.

"Chill girl, its all part of your birthday surprise which you have just ruined."

Harmony calmed down, "really?"

"Yes, really. Now just chill and tell me everything that happened after the kiss. While we talk he will come. Besides, I think it's a good thing he' being away. We can get to gossip about him."

Harmony found herself blushing and then she started. "Well, I was first of all angry with him because I thought he went to see another lady and…"

"Hold it!" Vivian shouted. "What do you mean by another lady?"

Harmony sighed and drank a little, "the thing is, you remember the girl we saw that night at the club with him, outside?"

Vivian nodded.

"Yes, I don't know, I just don't know why I got it so twisted that he went to her."

Vi frowned, "I don't get it. Did you go to his room that night?"

"Yes I did, " she said, feeling embarrassed and trying to hide a smile, "I know, I'm so sorry."

"That is so confusing. Why would you think like that?"

She sighed, "he called me Dennis when we kissed." She retorted and Vivian gasped.

"He did what?"

She nodded, "yes but then he told me he was married…"

"Oh my god. Hes a widower?"

Harmony nodded.

"That is so sad."

"Yes, I know but the worst part of it was that, I feel like, the name is familiar you know. Like a suppressed memory or someth

houted as they were on the move but Ichabod was looking at Harmony from the rear mirror. She looked really disturbed and tired.

"Are you okay?" he asked. Their eyes met in the mirror and she nodded.

"I'm so sorry, " he said, making another turn towards their way home.

"He is really obsessed with you Ichabod!" Vivian said and went on talking about everythin that happened but Harmony was quiet.

"Harmony, are you sure you are okay?" Ichabod asked again.

"I'm sure but what I'm not sure is, why didn't you even attempt to come out Ichabod?"

"I'm sorry, I had to call the police. I thought he would probably do something stupid if I climbed out of the car." Ichabod replied but Harmony didn't look convinced.

"Why did he think you are a vampire again?" Vivian asked.

"I think it's because of the night he helped with the costume party…right Ichabod?" Harmony asked and he nodded.

"Yes, that's it. He is really confused."

"No, he's mad, " Vivian said with a laugh. "Thank God you called the police."

"Yea, thank God." Harmony replied quietly, still looking at Ichabod who was now focused on the road. His mind was somewhere else. He hoped Rashidat and Adams would be able to overpower Michael or at least.. Rashidat had driven the van and Adams had gotten his old police uniform…Ichabod hoped they would be able to get the ring from Michael before it was too late.

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