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   Chapter 24 CAUGHT

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He has been waiting in the car for some time. He needed a plan but he didn't want Odin to mess things up for him, so he planned to do things in his own way. He checked the time, it was some minutes past 12pm, his phone rang and he picked it, it was Rashidat.

"Hello, " he said quickly.

"Ichabod, where are you? You need to come quickly, the man is away, we can question him, I will meet you with an umbrella, come quickly, Adam is here as well." Then she hung up.

He sighed and quickly dialed Harmony's number, it was answered by Vivian.

"Hello Sexy, " Vivi said.

"Oh hi Vivi, please I need to go to somewhere really important, please can you cover for me with Harmony? She mustn't know that I left?"

"Well, I have always heard that after a fight between two lovers, the make-up sex is always great, " Vivian joked, laughing.

"Please, Vivian, it's really important."

"Ok handsome, just know you owe me. She is on set right now so, we won't be done till the next four hours or more."

"Great thank you. I won't forget this, " he said and ended the call before turning on the ignition key.


Rashidat was waiting outside, dressed in a short gown and looking really pretty. How come he was noticing that she was pretty all of a sudden…

"Odin you need to stop that nonsense, now is not the time!" he said to himself as Rashidat spotted him and ran to him, in her hand was a big blanket and an umbrella. It was an abandoned road so no one was coming.

She handed him the umbrella and covered him with a blanket as the two rushed towards the house. While they walked hurriedly, he could hear something burning under

u? Was it that ugly face called Michael? If yes, what are his plans? Where is my ring and what does he plan to do with the pictures?"

The man began to choke as he couldn't speak so he dropped him…

"Now speak….!"

"He wants to take Tracy with him, he wants to destroy Harmon's career and he wants to expose you. As I am speaking, he is already gotten information about your ring. He has people in high places. That is all I know!"

"But why?" he growled.

"Because he said you destroyed his publicity on the day you showed up at the costume party, and Harmony is preventing him from being with his daughter…"

"He is not even a good father…" Odin spat.

Then he stood up. "Tell me more…"

" going to send the pictures to Harmony and blackmail her with it….he plans to expose her on her birthday."

"How many of you are tailing Harmony and myself?"

" Just six of us…" he replied, shivering. "I will give you all the locations and Michael, , please don't hurt me…"

Odin smiled, baring his teeth, "good boy, now chap chap! No dilly-dally. I do not have all the time!"

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