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   Chapter 23 Ticking

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Rashidat couldn't believe she had almost kissed him. What the hell was that? She sighed and picked up her bag. She had a club to go to and he had delayed her enough. She turned and was headed out when she heard some noise like a man groaning.

"Who is that?" She shouted, thinking it was probaby odin playing a trick on her. "Odin, I do not have time for this, " she said but was surprised as a man came crashing into the set of chairs in the passagem startling her.

"Oh my God! What the hell!" she shouted but was more surprised when she saw Odin, grinning.

"Odin what are you doing? Who is this man?" she asked him, looking at the man in suit who was now bleeding from the mouth and had lost consciousness.

"I found him snickering around, Is he a friend of yours?" Odin asked, his eyes shimmering against the light of the yellow bulb.

"No, I don't know him, " Rashidat replied, now a bit scared as Odin was finally showing his real self. "How did you find him?"

"I heard the sound of his heartbeat, I knew he was up to something." Odin replied, now coming back to himself.

While they both tried to figure out who he was, a phone began to ring.

"Is that your phone?" she asked and he shook his head.

"So where is the noise coming from?" Rashidat asked, looking around.

"It's from his pocket, " odin replied and Rashidat went closer and realised it was true. She put a hand in the breast pocket and brought out an I-phone.

"Who is calling him?" odin asked.

Rashidat saw the contact, Boss, on the screen. "its his boss I think. Should be the one who had sent him to tail me or you." She replied and as she fidgetted with the phone, two messages came in, -Hey, I gave the ring to the boss, he has the pictures as well, come fast, something is really wrong with this man, I have left, can't wait for you again, "

"What does that mean?" odin asked after Rashidat had read everything out.

"Oh dear, " Rashidat said, going through the phone and was surprised to see the picture of Ichabod in a white towel, the picture of the ring, and then the picture of both her and Odin few minutes ago…were they really standing so close like that?

"What madness is this?" Odin grunted.

"Odin, he wasn't after me, he was after Ichabod and whoever sent him must have known your secret and it is definetely who knows Harmony as well…" she gasped in horror.

Odin snarled angrily, lifting up a chair and crashing it on the man's lifeless body. He was breathing heavily, "I think I know whose work this is, it is that bastard Michael."

"Who is Michael?"

"Tracy's father!" he replied and kicked the man in the legs once more.

"Calm down okay, we need to do something fast. You need to go back home, get in touch with Harmony before he uses it. I don't know what he plans but


He frowned, how was he going to explain this. "Debby?"

"Yes Ichabod, you called me Debby last night when you kissed me."

"Oh!" he said, as if surprised, "I'm sorry, I should have told you."

She frowned, "told me what?"

"I was once married, " he said, catching her by surprise.


Harmony couldn't believe what she just heard, "you were once married and you didn't tell me?"

He nodded, "I'm sorry. Debby was the name of my wife. She died. "

Now she was quiet, this didn't make any sense, if his wife was Debby, then why did it mean so much to her as if….."okay Ichabod, I'm so sorry, I just wished you had told me, " she said soberly.

"So are we okay now?"

She nodded. They got closer and their heads touched.

He reached out a hand and held her hand, "I have lots to tell you Harmony but now is not the time. "

"Well, then I guess you don't need to give me a birthday cake, you can just tell me all I need to know about you on my birthday."

"Your birthday?" he asked.

"Yes, it's in five days' time, " she replied with a smile before their lips touched.

Some minutes later, she was getting out of the car and was waiting for him to do the same.

"Don't worry, I will come later, I will wait here for a while, " he said and she later went in.


Ichabod was disturbed, that was really close but now he had more things to think about. The sun was fast approaching and he had no ring on. That would mean not being able to step out of the car, else he might just not be able to get in again. He couldn't walk in the sun without getting burnt. It would be too risky especially if Harmony saw his skin burning like paper in the sun. She would die of heart attack. Apart from this, her birthday was coming, how did he not remember that November 15 was Debby's birthday as well, and also the emergence of the Fullmoon.

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