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   Chapter 22 Twisted

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Updated: 2019-04-04 08:41

He watched her as she carefully applied the lipstick to her lips before proceeding to carve the eyebrows. He chuckled in the darkness and the lady turned around, a little bit frightened but she recomposed herself on seeing him.

"You need to stop doing that Odin, no one wants you here, " Rashidat said as she applied the rest of her makeup.

"Oh, Odin growled, "that hurt my feelings and here I thought you are looking beautiful to impress me."

Rashidat hissed, "you are such a pain in the ass."

"And you are such a naughty girl, " he said, getting closer to her and sniffing in her perfume. The lady was non-challant, she kept on doing what she was doing. Odin found her pair of earrings and handed one to her. Just as she was about to collect, he withdrew his hands.

"If you are not going to help me, would you just drop my earrings for me?"

Odin chuckle

loser, "especially the one that is not afraid of me."

"I am not afraid of you Odin…"she said.

"and I just like you more…" he whispered. Now his hand was on her chin and he tilted her chin upwards while bringing his face closer to hers in an attempt to kiss her, Rashidat closed her lips and parted her lips but just as he leaned in closer, he was gone!


"Sir, I have the ring with me, and I have a picture of him and some other lady."

"Oh! He is with some other lady after kissing Harmony? Awesome! This just gets better, bring the ring over immediately."


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