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   Chapter 21 THE KISS

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When his lips brushed mine, it was like I was like a beautiful electrocution. The kiss wasn't teasing or passionate, it was electrocuting, setting all my entire body on flame. I couldn't even pull away if I wanted to, no, I didn't want to. I couldn't think straight, all my senses have been seduced. The only things I could feel right now were the taste and the smell of him.

"Denis…" he breathed my name, slowly, prolonging each letter. My heart fluttered at the seductive sound of his voice and I leaned in closer, clasping my hands on either side of his face. I have never heard my name being called so sweetly like that… He kissed me hungrily, knocking all the wind from my lungs and I returned it savagely. I felt a moan escape my lips as he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips, I opened wider, granting him more access. I arched up against his broad chest…I wanted all of him. I could feel moisture in between my legs and then I felt a painful scratch but I was too occupied to be distracted until I felt him pull away.

"I scratched you…" he said in a low voice.

"It's okay, "I panted, putting my hands around him but he pulled back and then turned around. I was confused but then I heard Tracy's voice in the passageway. Oh crap!

Quickly I rushed towards the closed door and listened attentively. I heard the maid pass by with Tracy and then I stealthily opened the door but was shock



When she got to the front of his room, she debated on whether to knock or not to knock but then she heard a movement in the room. Maybe she needed to wait till the following day. She thought and turned back but then she turned around again and knocked on the door. The movement stopped but there was no voice.

"Ichabod, please, we need to talk."

Still no sound. Well, they had kissed so what more would surprise her? She opened the door but met an empty room.

"Ichabod?" She called out but was surprised as the sudden rush of the cold wind hit her face, that was when she realized that the window was opened and the curtain was pulled apart.

She frowned and looked out, down below was total darkness. Where could he be? She thought and then glanced towards the table, his ring was gone. That means he was gone…maybe he had gone to see his precious Dennis! She thought and walked out angrily, slamming the door after her.

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