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   Chapter 20 A Showdown

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That evening, they had ended up in the club. Rashidat had spoken with him over the phone some minutes ago and she said it was urgent and they needed to see. That was right, after what Odin had done the previous night. Adam had driven to Harmony's house and from there; Ichabod had sent him the address of the club they were. Now they were on their way.

Adams had been calling him and he had to rush out to pick. It was around 5 pm. "Hello Adam, where are you?"

"We are outside; Rashidat will come meet you while I bring the van around."

"Okay, " he said, ending the call. Some minutes later, he saw the blue van and a lady stepped out of it, it was Rashidat. She crossed over to meet him while Adams drove ahead to turn.


Harmony sighed, checking the time. She wondered where he had run off to.

"Hey, is everything okay?"

She looked beside her; it was her best friend, "hey, did you see Ichabod?"

Vivian observed her for a while and shook her head, "no, I haven't. You seem so bothered."

Harmony checked herself and looked away, "well, he's my bodyguard, he needs to be doing his work."

"Well, seems you are the one guarding him, with the way you looking everywhere for him, " Vi replied, laughing but then stopped upon sighting Ichabod with a lady. "Oh, there he is. Who is that fine lady?"

Harmony turned to see him hugging a lady outside and she frowned.

"Who is that? His girlfriend?"

"I'm not sure, " she replied, trying not to look towards the two but she couldn't stop herself from looking.


"Oh my god! Rashidat, I'm so sorry. I hope he didn't hurt you."

The lady smiled, "no, he tried but he couldn't. Though his fingers really pierced into my skin, " she said, showing him her arm which she put a bandage on.

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, I came to warn you though."

"What is it?"

"The time is approaching very fast you have lesser times now. You need to do what you need to do quickly. Also, last night while Odin was being himself, he knocked over some stuff, those were things I used to prepare the monogen and they are not easy to come by. I had to import most of those chemicals and some are actually illegal. Also, I hope you do not bathe with the ring on?"

"No, I always remove it."


"So what were you saying about the monogen?"

"I'm saying, you need to manage the one on you, it will take a while before I get the rest."

Ichabod sighed, "He's such an idiot."

"Yea, he realized that after I explained to him. You both need this to work. This is what I've come to tell you, let's go meet Adams, he has missed you and he said that this place is too noisy for him."


Harmony watched as both of them walked away and she swallowed, she could feel a wave of jealousy pass through her. Who was that lady and where did they go?

"Girl are you

re even more enchanting than ever, she looked away. She was about rushing out when he said, "why weren't you talking to me?"

Harmony couldn't believe he was still talking with their present situation. She turned back, "well…I, I thought, you lied to me Ichabod, " she replied, even though all her brain kept telling her was to run out of there.

"Lied to you?" he asked, making no attempt to wear any cloth. "How did I lie to you?"

Harmony stepped back as he got closer, the closer he got, the harder it felt for her to

"You, you said, you didn't have a girlfriend, " she said, that was really stupid Harmony and way immature, her brain said to her.

"The lady wasn't my girlfriend, she means nothing to me, just a friend who happened to be around the club, " he stated, staring at her with so much intensity that she felt she was going to melt right there on the floor.

"Ok, I'm sorry, " she replied, still looking away.

"You should have asked me, " he said almost in a whisper. What was this man doing to her!

"Ok, well, since that is settled..I..I think, I will go to my room and I…I…"

"Don't fight it, " he stated, getting closer, even though she desperately wanted to run, right that instant, her legs turned into jelly and she was unable to move. This feeling was so familiar…that seductive voice was strangely familiar….before she could think of where she had heard it before, he covered his lips with hers.


He got the message on his tab and without hesitation, he opened it, it was a picture of his baby mama and her bodyguard wearing only a towel around his torso, kissing passionately. He knew it! That slut!

He dialed a number on his phone, "get enough pictures, we will use it to blackmail7 her later, and find out who the lady is, find out who she is to him. I knew something was going on between those two! Prepare to get the ring tonight!"

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