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"Why didn't you fight back Ichabod?" She asked, some minutes later after the men were gone. He was now in a white shirt and they were sitting at the bar.

He shrugged. "It was pointless. I didn't want to disrespect you and I had no interest in causing trouble. Besides, he's just being a jealous father and he hates the fact that his reputation is at stake." He replied.

Harmony sighed. "I am just glad that Tracy didn't see all that happened, poor girl. She would have been so frightened."

"How did you two meet? Was he a good guy before and then he suddenly went to the bad side?"

Harmony poured herself more drink.

"I was so young and stupid. I had just become a star and he was a popular coach. We were the Nigerian sweethearts, we were famous and everyone loved us so we dated. I thought he was a good man but when we got closer, I realized he was a selfish buffoon. I got impregnated on a careless night and he wanted me to get rid of it. I refused, I don't have any family so, I wanted the baby."

"I'm so sorry. What happened to your family?"

She shrugged, "mum and dad died in an accident. I grew up in a foster home and from there auditioned for a role in a movie. From there I began to build my career." Then she turned to face him, "funny you are asking me about my family, what about yours? Tell me about yourself, Ichabod."

He sighed. "My story is really boring."

She frowned, "I know when someone's being evasive."

He smiled. "Well, I knew my mother, father was a soldier, died in a battle, " he lied. "I had a brother who wants nothing to do

e and he stared at her and then at the ring, then back at her, she looked so serious.

"No, I don't have…" before he could finish, she burst into laughter.

"Oh my god! I caught you. You should have seen your face." She said, laughing.

He inhaled a deep breath. "That was a nice one, "

She laughed, "that's why I'm a good actress." She replied and they both smiled while looking at each other before they both looked away…


"Find out everything about him for me. What he eats, what he drinks, who he speaks to. I want to know what he does in the night and where they both go in the day. That bloody ring on his finger has this rare symbol on it and we need to steal that ring somehow, I want to see it and study it. It looks like an heirloom. It will tell us all what we need to know about the bastard." Michael said to his men over the phone as he sat in his car.

"Yes sir."

"From now on, you will be taking a shift to monitor him. This white man gives me a creepy feeling and I want to find out more." With this, he drove off.

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