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   Chapter 18 DOUBLED

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Harmony stared and opened her eyes as the sun rays hit her eyes through the opened curtain. She climbed down from the bed, wore her slippers and walked blindly out of the room but she became wide awake when she saw a shirtless Ichabod walking out of his room as well.

They both ran into each other in the middle of the passage and stopped, looking at each other in shock. All of a sudden, she remembered the robe she was wearing would probably be showing off her cleavages so she cleared her throat and covered her chest with her hands…

"Goodmorning." Ichabod managed to say, looking away.

"Morning." She replied feeling uncomfortable and looking away as well.

"I needed a cup of water." He said even though he had no reason to tell her.

"Okay, I just wanted to drink something myself." She replied and they both nodded at the same time but neither made a move. Harmony could feel her heart beating so fast as she tried not to stare at the shirtless man in front of her. Muscles rippled from every part of his body and her hands were screaming to touch his chest which was as broad as a barn door…she desperately wanted to move but her legs just became complete dead. She needed to apologize for what happened on the previous night. She had already memorized it so well and it shouldn't be a problem but now, her tongue was tied, why did he choose to be shirtless this morning of all mornings?

Ichabod, on the other hand, was waiting for the right way of apologizing for what happened the previous night. He needed to come up with a reason on why he had run off like that but he couldn't think of one. Damned Odin!

"Urm…!" They both started at the same time then stopped.

"You wanted to say something?" Harmony asked, feeling hot all over.

"No, I guess, ladies first, " Ichabod replied.

Harmony chuckled, "um, well, I am…"


They both turned to see Tracy who had just come out of her room and was running to hug Ichabod.

"Oh hey sweetie." Harmony said, brushing her daughter's hair.

"How are you doing little lady?" Ichabod asked.

"You are the best Ichabod. I had so much fun last night." The girl said.

"Yes, I did too." He replied, then Tracy hugged her mother.

"Did you


"Well, you are right, it is my problem. Do you know what else my problem is?" He asked, coming all over my face.

"I hate it when someone is trying to pretend to be me. You are not her father! You will never be! I am her father, If I do not show up at a childish event, I am still her father. My blood runs in her vein. Don't ever try to replace me again, do you understand me?"

"Shut up Michael and leave!" Harmony shouted.

This man kept looking at me but I tried to turn to go back to my room, still, he pulled me back with his hand.

"What are you doing?" Harmony screamed.

"Stay away Harmony, I need him to answer me why he went to do the shit he did at the school, now everyone is talking, saying how much of a weakling I am as a father because of this idiot!"

"Well, they didn't lie did they?" I asked in a low tone and his hand shot out, slapping me across my face.

Harmony screamed and rushed to me, "oh my God, are you okay?" She asked and I nodded, then she went all over him, fighting him and pushing him.

"Leave my house this minute you idiot!"

"If you are not careful, I will sue for the sole custody of that child, you know I will win!" Michael threatened Harmony and just as he was about to leave, he said to me, "white man, I will find out your secret, and if I do, you better pray to God I don't find something bad about you!"

With this, he left with his goons and Harmony rushed to hug me. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." She cried.

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