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   Chapter 17 A new flame

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He watched her from where he stood, in the darkness. She was busy going through the catalogue of chemicals in the store. She wore a heavy pair of glasses which seemed to be covering the majority of her face. There was a torch in her hand, which she used for light. Some minutes later, she lifted two tubes from the catalogue and brought to a table. On the table was something that looked like a machine or something Odin has never seen before. There was a little tray under the machine on which she poured some of the content and then she adjusted it and brought her face closer so she could take a look at it through two pointy things. She straightened up as her phone rang and then she removed the gloves in her hand.


"Hello father, what's up? I'm still there. No, just had to run a quick through some things….okay, I know it's late. I will be careful. Yes I will be back soon." She said before ending the call. While she put the phone into her pocket she heard something clattered in the distance. Quickly, she flashed her torch but there was nothing there. That was really puzzling. Still she went back to what she was doing and then she heard another clatter like the sound of broken bottles and she jumped in fright. Now, she was sure that something was happening. Quickly, she rushed to the cupboard to her left and brought out a rifle which she pointed into the darkness.

Her heart was beating so fast as she pointed the rifle and the torch to no angle in particular, she could feel fear crawling up her spine. Could it be robbers?

"Come out you motherfu**er! Come out let me blow your head off!"

"Aww…charming!" Came the reply. It was so sudden that she pulled the trigger instantly and there was a lot of clattering followed by a silence. Her chest was rising and falling and she really hoped she at least got whoever it was. She expected to hear a groan or at least someone to wince in pain, but instead, there was a short laughter followed by:

"Oops! Missed me!" Then more laughter.

She cocked the rifle again. "Why don't you wait for me you bastard! Then you will see if I missed you or not. Once I blow your head off, there won't be a single tooth in your mouth!" She threatened but she was replied by a sudden and annoying silence.

While she waited, flashing her torch around, she wasn'

gave him that monogen, I've been unable to come out and play anytime I want to."

"Serves you right." She stated intentionally but Odin ignored her.

"So he had to use me for a stupid costume party, the girl kissed me and I changed, almost immediately."

"Oh my God!" Rashidat gasped, "did anyone see you?"

" sweet, that you are so concerned for me."

"Don't flatter yourself." She hissed, "I'm only concerned for Ichabod."

"So tell me, why did I change?"

She shrugged. "The kiss had an effect on you I guess."

"I do not want guesses I want the truth."

"Well, I guess you are growing weaker…" She said gladly, infuriating Odin so much that he pushed one of the shelves and all her things came crashing down…

"Oh my God! Works of many years! Are you insane!" She cried, rushing to the broken bottles and the spilled content on the floor.

"I cannot be weak! I have to get rid of this stupid monogen!" He shouted, bringing out the bottle from his inner coat and lifting it up to drop it…

"Don't!" The lady screamed, "if you drop it, you will make things worse for Ichabod. If you take more control, he won't be able to make the lady fall in love with him which is indirectly you and if that happens, there won't be the blood-spill for the full moon. You need him to be with this lady!"

Ichabod grunted, knowing she was right. "Damn that bloody witch for turning me against myself!" He shouted. "I shall be back!" He said and disappeared in the blink of an eye….



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