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   Chapter 16 Caught in the Moment

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Updated: 2019-04-04 08:33

Harmony felt a sudden movement and opened her eyes, to her dismay, she was the only one in the room, and Ichabod had disappeared. She flushed in embarrassment and adjusted on her seat. She had been so stupid. What happened to her?

"Damn it!"

She stood up immediately and rushed to her bed room, closing the door behind her. She flung on her bed, biting her lips.

"Girl why did you do that?"

How in in the hell was she going to fix this? What exactly happened to her? Just like that, she had made herself look so stupid. What would Ichabod think of her? That she wanted to take advantage of him? But, she sighed and sat right. The moment was so perfect, she had never felt so close to anyone like that, not even Michael. What Ichabod did for her and her child was special to her but still, she shouldn't have made an attempt to kiss him. Even though she didn't actually kiss him, it was like kissing him and him pulling away. Oh boy! That was a blow!

Her phone on the stool beside her rang and she picked it up, It was Vi.

"Hey girl! What's up? You wouldn't believe I just got home. I talked to the Netflix guy and I was able to make a new arrangement for us. So how's my baby doing?"

"She's fine." H

h dear, poor you! You must be going out of your mind right now…."

"Yea, I am, what do I do? I don't know how to face him again. I am so ashamed Vivian."

Vivian sighed. "Ichabod is really cool, he's cute and sexy as hell. You only attempted to kiss him and he ran, what if you had pulled down his pants? I would have done that you know."

"You are not helping friend."

"Okay sorry. Let's see what happens tomorrow."

"So what do I do when I see him?"

"Act like nothing happened."

"But it's gonna be so awkward."

"Yea, you made it so, now deal with it unless you fire him."

"That will be mean."

"Yea, so, just act like nothing happened."

"Okay thanks, see you tomorrow."

"Catch ya."

Harmony threw the phone on the bed and sighed. She really shouldn't have tried to kiss him.

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