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   Chapter 15 Almost

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When he finally brought her down. Tracy turned to hug him tightly....

"Thank you so much dear are the best...I love you..." She said, kissing him on the forehead.


Tracy looked up only to see her mother smiling and running towards them...

"Mum!" She cried for joy and ran towards Harmony who was finding her way through the crowd....

"I saw you up dear, you looked so are beautiful. I am so proud of you..."

"Mum did you see Ichabod! He was so good...."

"Yes darling I saw him, I saw you too. I am so proud of you." Harmony said, showering her daughter with kisses before standing up to see Ichabod but then he was gone.

"He was just here… where did he go?" Tracy asked her mum, a little bit disappointed that her beast was gone. Harmony couldn't understand as well.

"Come on darling, maybe he needed to remove his costume." She said, taking her daughter by the hand and leading her towards the car but little Tracy kept looking back, surprised that her beast was gone in a flash…


Odin was behind a tree that was very far away from everyone else. Even though it was still within the school premises, it was situated in the shadows, far away from the surrounding lights. No one would see him here.

He winced in pain as he realized he was changing back to Ichabod…the bones of his body contrasted, sending Ichabod an agonizing pain as he regained his composure. He checked his hand and realized his nails were gone and so were his fangs. What happened to Odin? This was so strange. He could have changed

moment. They were sitting so close together at the bar with their knees almost touching.

"You know, no one has ever done what you did for us tonight Ichabod." She said after a while, looking straight at him. "Thank you." She said, smiling and looking into his ocean blue eyes.

Ichabod managed a smile, they were looking at each other and he could see the way she was looking at him…he knew that look. Denis had that hungry look on her face on the night of her wedding…then he felt…wow, was that her hand on his laps? His heart was racing so fast and his palm was sweaty….he could see her parted lips, he knew what this meant. He drew closer to her, so close that he could feel her breath over his face… he could perceive the delicious smell of the alcoholic wine in the scent of her breath, both their hearts were beating simultaneously as if they were both part of a puzzle piece…she closed her eyes…just as he parted his own lips….he could feel his fangs coming out…no no…his nails twitched and he knew what was happening…it was 12 midnight!

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