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   Chapter 14 To the rescue

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Ichabod sipped from the wine in his hand. He had tried calling Adam but the noise of the party was too much he could barely hear what Adam was saying. How in the world was he going to catch himself?

Different people graced the party, most of them were people he had seen their pictures with Harmony in the house. Talking of Harmony, she was standing with some other people as they took several group pictures.

He checked the time, it was some minutes to ten in the night. The time was long gone. He caught Harmony's signaling to him to come over and he immediately went to her. She excused herself from the group and walked up to meet him, she looked worried.

"What is it?" He asked as he got close enough to be heard by her.

"I've been trying to call Michael, his lines are not going through. I've sent several messages to him as well, he didn't pick. I am so worried. I tried calling Debby, Tracy's teacher, she is not picking either."

"Calm down. Does your daughter have a phone?"

"Of course not, she is barely six years old!"

"Ok sorry. Do you have anyone else you can call?"

She sighed. "I asked Vivian to get me some numbers and...." She stopped as her phone rang. "Oh thank God, It's Debby. Hello..." She started, rushing out to pick her call while Ichabod followed.

She said somethings in a foreign language but with the look on her face showed that all was not well. Then she ended the call, clasping a hand to her mouth as if she was going to cry.

"What is it?"

"Michael never showed up. She said Tracey locked herself up in the bathroom. Oh my God! This is my fault! What am I going to do?"

Meanwhile, Vivian rushed towards them. She was so excited, "Babe, the man from Netflix is here, this is great this is..."She stopped as she saw the look on Harmony's face. "Are you okay?"

"Michael didn't show up and Tracey locked herself up and no one could convince her to open and the program is starting in the next one hour..."

"Oh that bastard! He didn't show up! What exactly is he good for?" Vivian shouted in anger.

"I will go to her school and talk to her. Let me do my job Harmony. Go back to your work."

The two ladies starred at him.

"Are you sure Ichabod?"

He nodded, "yes, she will be fine. Trust me." He said affirmatively.

"Let me go with you and..."

"If there is a need to come pick you, I will come back. Go do your thing. Meanwhile, please tell the teacher that someone is coming." He said, before walking away to get the car.


Ichabod brough the car to a halt and he stepped out of the car hurriedly. There were several cars parked alongside his, a loud music was coming from somewhere and he saw people walking in two's and three's in their different costumes. He followed where majority of them were going and the music sounded closer. Finally he ended up in front of a big hall. People were eve

oking so cute in her fairy-like attire.....

"You should get your costume ready; you are going after the next stanza..." Debby said, turning to her side but Ichabod was nowhere to be found....

Odin straightened his neck which made a cracking noise as he did so....

"You idiot! Why did you have to wake me up now?"

"Oh my god! What is that?"

"It's a Vampire..."

"It's a werewolf."

"Damn that costume is the best I've seen..."

"It looks so real oh my God! This is so cute!"

"I'm so scared..."

Someone shouted close to where Odin stood and then he realized he was at the center of the hall and everyone was taking their phones out to take his picture.

"What madness is this?" He groaned, holding his hand forward, attempting to snatch a phone and tear the owner into shreds but that minute, a soft little hand touched his skin and he looked behind was Tracy and where the hell was she taking him to?

All eyes followed, including the camera lights as they both walked to the stage. Tracy couldn't stop laughing...she took both hands into her little ones and guided him to dance along with her....

"Ichabod, I will kill you for sure! For making me do this!" He groaned in his head as he and Tracy turned at the same time...

Certain as the sun

Certain as the sun

Rising in the east

Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the beast....

"Come on, enjoy it, It's Dracula's dance remember. Let's just have fun tonight. Later, we can continue our war but I need you right now...." Ichabod said back to him.

"Okay, I only agree to do this just for this little girl....just remember" Odin replied, lifting Tracy up and throwing her into the air just to catch her so quickly with one hand and careful enough not to hurt her with his nails. The crowd screamed and cheered, everyone stood up and the whole place roared with a thunderous clapping.....

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