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   Chapter 13 Catching the Guilty

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"Yea. I just remembered I found something in my room when I woke up this morning, I don't know how it got there. Did you come to my room last night? Is this yours?"

He swallowed hard, unable to concentrate on his driving...

"Idiot, just tell her a lie!" Odin snarled in his head.

"Urm, yea, Ah..." He inhaled deeply, lying was not his thing really. While he stuttered, Harmony's phone rang. Thank Goodness! He couldn't believe how sweaty he was withing how many minutes.

"You are a so dumb! Seriously! You are her bodyguard! You could say you went to her room to check up on her when you heard noises in the room. Then you forgot it there. Ish! Do I need to do everything for you?"

"Shut up Odin! It was your clumsiness that caused it in the first place!"

"Yea? Bite me?"

"Um, excuse me, Ichabod, are you talking to someone?" Harmony asked, looking at him in the mirror from the back seat.

Odin chuckled, "caught in the act!"

"No Harmony, I was just...actually the bottle is mine, I forgot it in your room last night. I thought I heard something so I came to check..."

Harmony frowned. "You came into my room while I was sleeping?"

"Yea, thought I heard noised but all was fine...can I have the bottle please?" He asked politely.

"Sure." Harmony replied and handed it back to him, "take a right turn, " she said before returning to her call.

"You are so lucky that I only forgot it in her room, I should have gotten rid of it..." odin grunted.

"Shut up." Ichabod whispered to himself, clearing his throat at the same time so that Harmony wouldn't think her bodyguard has run mad.


Oh of course not. I. Well. I'm neither gay nor bisexual. " He finally replied, trying not to betray himself.

Harmony gave him a suspicious look but he returned it with a smile...

"So, you like women right?" She asked, giving him that knowing look and he was finding it difficult to look at her...

"Wait, is there a woman you love and you are not telling me? You have that secretive look. Who is she?" She asked, smiling suspiciously.

"I don't know what you are talking about Harmony." He replied, half-smiling.

"There it is. There is a woman. You know I am so good at reading people." She said, laughing, "I'm sure we will talk about it. There are lots of things I need to ask you Ichabod, like the last time, you said you know a lot about double personalities, and then you said you were in my room last night that you thought someone was in and..."

"Oh, about that...there was no one and...."

"The thing is, Ichabod." Harmony said, looking at him sternly. "I think someone comes to my room every night and that is why I hired you. I need to catch that person!"

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