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   Chapter 12 Some questionings

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The light that came on disrupted his sleep and he opened his sleepy eyes, forgetting where he was until he saw Harmony looking at him in shock.

"What are you doing Ichabod?"

Ichabod stood up immediately and trying not to show how embarrassed he was.

"You are really taking your job seriously. First, the toilet thing and now, you are baby-sitting my daughter. You shouldn't. Seriously." Harmony said, walking to where he daughter lay.

"Forgive me. I must have slept off." He mumbled the words together.

Harmony said nothing but instead proceeded to wake her daughter up. Meanwhile Ichabod was about taking his leave when Harmony said. "Is that my tab?"

He turned around and realized he had left the tab on the floor. It must have dropped when he slept off....when Odin slept off. Wait, Odin slept off?

"What is my tab doing beside you Ichabod?" Harmony demanded, looking a bit displeased.

Ichabod was tongue-tied. "Well, I er..."

"Sorry mum, I took it from your room. I must have left it there." Tracy said immediately, standing up from her bed.

Harmony looked from her daughter and then to Ichabod before standing up to pick up her tab.

"Anyway, hurry up Tracy, you will be late for school. Ichabod, please get the car ready."

He nodded and left the room while mother and daughter went to the bathroom.

"Ichabod looks so different this morning. Or maybe I had a dream about him." Tracy said, removing her pajamas and climbing into the tub.

"Why did you say that?"

Tracy shrugged. "He looked so different in my dream and I thought I saw that his fingernails were....never mind, it was just a stupid dream."


Some hours later, Ichabod was at the driver's seat, Tracy was behind him, giving him the direction to her school while Harmony was busy making some calls at the back seat. Within few minutes, they got to the school and Tracy was getting down from the car but stopped and turned to Harmony.

"Mum, are you sure that daddy will come around this evening for rehearsal?"

Harmony was quiet, she had been trying to get across to Michael since morning and it was no use.

"Baby, I promise, he will be there..."

Tracy sighed and climbed out of the car. Harmony waved at her but she didn't bother to look back.

"Should I take you back home?" Ichabod asked, looking at Harmony through the rear mirror."

"Hold on." Harmony said before dialing a number on her phone. "Vivian, did you get Michael? Okay, send me address, I'm, com

tonight, you lose every chance of getting to be her father. This is your last chance and don't ever ignore my call again." She threatened.

"Hey, calm down, I was busy okay? I just got this major deal. Look I am doing everything for the both of you, I want to retire and stay at home to take care of the both of you..." He said, moving closer to her but she stepped further back.

"Do not even think about touching me. I came to give you this warning, please, it means everything to her."

"I will be there." He said soberly and she turned to leave.

"What exactly is that guy doing for you?" He asked, referring to Ichabod who was looking at them.

"None of your business and get a costume!" Harmony replied before walking away.


Ichabod kept looking at her from the rear mirror, she looked so angry and he wanted to do something to make her smile. He was driving to where she directed him, he didn't know where they were going actually.

"Are you okay?" Ichabod asked but she sighed.

"You must be feeling so sorry for me."

"Not at all. I think you are a wonderful mother and you are doing everything to make your daughter happy. You must be proud of yourself."

Harmony smiled. "You are really sweet Ichabod." She said. "Thank you."

Ichabod nodded and concentrated on his driving. She was looking for something in her bag.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yea. I just remembered I found something in my room when I woke up this morning, I don't know how it got there. Did you come to my room last night? Is this yours?"

Ichabod looked up in the mirror to see the black bottle of Monogen in her hand....what was he going to say?

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