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   Chapter 11 Friends with the Devil

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Odin followed as the little human girl took her to the balcony of the house. There was no light except the reflection of the moonlight. There were two seats as well and she sat one.

Odin grunted, what kind of foolishness was this? So would Ichabod actually turn him into a baby sitter in this night? He thought of using his power on the little girl to send her to sleep immediately but...

"I'm so sad Ichabod." The girl whimpered and this stopped him from doing what he wanted to do.

"If you are sad, talk to your mother not me." He murmured.

"My mum doesn't like my dad." She said, more like talking to herself. "If he still doesn't show at the Halloween party, I am going to be laughed at again. I can't ask my mum to dress up like my dad again. It's embarrassing." She cried. "For days I couldn't even do anything in class without being laughed at. I hate this stupid Halloween."

Odin was barely listening to her, instead, he was thinking of how he would lure her to sleep without hurting the little one but all of a sudden, she jumped from her seat and then ran to hug him, clinging to his waist.

He was shocked and could hardly make a sound. The little girl was crying and he frowned. This was just too much for him-this whole nanny-of a thing! He groaned loudly...he didn't sign up for this.

"Hush..hush little one." He said, pa

us costume ever. It was difficult to tell if she was trying to dress like a mermaid or a frog. When Tracy saw her, she dropped the mic from her hand and ran out of the stage in tears.....

"Wow! This must have been a total disaster...." Odin said to himself and was about to drop the tab when his hand mistakenly pressed something and he found another video dance titled, "The Dracula dance video."

Above the video was a message-"Her Halloween party is in two days time, you better get cracking if you really want to be part of her life. I will send a video to you, practice the steppings and be serious with it. This is going to be your last chance. Do not mess things up!

"Okay, this should be interesting." Odin said, taking a seat and pressing the play button, if nothing attracted him, the "Dracula" on the title of the video got him and well, they shared something in common......


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