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   Chapter 10 The First

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"Just go in and sleep damn it!"

Ichabod cursed under his breath in his new room. He could still hear her pacing up and down as she walked from one room to the other room.

He could feel the way she breathed, 'I love you' into her daughter's ears while she tucked her into her bed. Even though it was like very far from his room, Ichabod could feel every movement...every whisper. His transition time was getting closer and he couldn't control himself that much.

The bottle was in his hand and he thought of putting more drops into his tongue...

"You imbecile! That will be cheating! I will kill you if you try that nonsense!" He snarled to himself in Odin's voice.

He snapped out of it with a deep grunt....

Please Harmony....just go to sleep....


Harmony left Tracy's bed and was walking out when she heard Tracy's voice.

"Mum, please make daddy come to my Halloweev party. I don't want to be laughed at again."

Harmony smiled weakly and turned around to walk back to her daughter.

"I will try my best my darling but if he can't make it, I wouldn't mind dressing up for you..."

"No, that was what you did the last time and people laughed at me. I want my daddy this time. Please, That's the only way the costume will work."

Harmony took a deep breath and nodded.

"I promise, your daddy will come with you. Okay?"

Tracy nodded with a weak smile.

"Now go to bed."

Tracy shut her eyes and Harmony switched off the light beside her bed before walking out of her room.



Harmony lay in her tub as the soap and water floated around her. She was confused. While she was trying so hard to keep Michael away from their life, she couldn't stop seeing how much Tracy needed him and now she didn't know what to do.

Was she being unfair?

Certainly not! She just couldn't get hurt and she was not going to allow that psychopath to hurt her daughter's feelings.

She remembered the previous year when she had sent him a message for the daughter-father Halloween party in Tracy's school. She had begged him to try and find a time to come since it would really mean so much for Tracy but he never replied the message not to talk of coming.

That buffoon!

Now all of a sudden, he just wanted to come into their life as if everything had been perfect? No way!

She stretched her hand to pick up her tab

even though he desperately wanted to ruin things for that stupid Ichabod, it would mean ruining things for himself.

Several thoughts were going into his mind all at once. If he decided to ruin things for Ichabod, he would limit the chance of getting close to her. If Ichabod gets close to her, then he would also be close to her. If peradventure they make love on the night of the full moon when he would be at his strongest, he could take that bite he had craved for years.

He smiled and thought of penetrating into her mind once more just as he had done many times. That way, he always managed to interfere with her dreams about Ichabod which she was yet to realize. Somehow, the dream had a kind of illusion that was preventing her from seeing Ichabod's face in each of her dreams, or odins face anytime he took over the dream and this was always at the ending.

He felt her moan in her sleep....

She was having a nice dream for sure, he thought in his mind and he straightened himself up bent slowly to say something into her ears when he heard...

"What are you doing?"

"Oops! Busted!" He said before standing up and turning around only to see Tracy at the door. She was rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Come on, you don't need to bodyguard my mum when she is sleeping. You are so weird. Come, I wanna show you something." The girl whispered, rubbing her eyes and walking closer to take Odin by the hand, leading him out of the room.

"Gosh, I hate kids!" He muttered to himself he followed her out of the room...she obviously hasn't seen his contorted face....

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