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   Chapter 9 IT BEGINS

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"She only said one drop on the tongue Ichabod!" Adams shouted but Ichabod ignored him and went ahead to put the few drops.

"I am going to be around a woman that I have loved all my life and whom I thought I actually killed in my dream. Pardon me but a drop won't cover it." He said before closing the lid on the bottle while hiding it away into the inner pocket of his suit.

"Are you ready?" Adams asked, carrying his suitcase which contained just about four pieces of clothes which they had managed to get.

"Yea but I still don't understand how to go about this phone-thing."Ichabod explained, holding the new phone upside down.

"Just make sure you read the manual. Come on, let's go. You are driving. You need to start getting used to this. We will collect the license on the way."

"Yea, I think driving is fun actually, it's super cool, I don't mind." Ichabod said, following Adams out.


She checked the time for the hundredth time, it was just some minutes after nine in the morning, it was either he wasn't coming or he actually wasn't taking the job serious. Harmony thought.

She shifted uncontrollably on her seat, the TV was on and Tracy had gone to school but her mind wasn't there. She kept hoping for the doorbell to ring anytime soon.

While she sat, waiting impatiently. She took a look at her bruised hands and her mind floated back to the day of the interview when she had opened the door and found him at the door. How had she known that he was coming? Something had alerted her and why did she just stand infront of him tongue-tied. Something had taken all form of words from her lips, all form of reasoning from her mind, it was just the two of us.

She had worked with white men many times, so what was the problem?

She checked the time again, it was already 30 minutes past 9, she sighed. Now she was getting angry. They were supposed to go to the premier of her movie together and it was starting by 12. Well, she still had enough time.

Something was wrong with her, seriously wrong and she couldn't figure it out.

The other night, she had thought someone had come in into her bath and she hadn't gotten any sleep till that morning, if she at least had a bodyguard things would..... Triiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!

She almost fainted as the doorbell rang when she least expected it. Well, she stood up. It was about time! She said to herself before advancing towards the door.

When she opened the door, she was disappointed to see her makeup artist.

"Hi Harmony." The older woman said excitedly, pulling her makeup bag with her into the house.

"Hi Miss Perez. How are you?"

Minutes later, Harmony was seated while the woman fiddled with her face. The truth was that she had actually forgotten that her MUA(MakeupArtist) would be coming, her mind was too occupied with the thought of her new strange bodyguard.

"Gimme a natural look." She said to her MUA who nodded and continued brushing her face.


When he got to the door, he took a deep breath before knocking. He could see the doorbell but he had no idea how to use it.

Turning around, he waved Adams goodbye and waited, holding his suitcase, for the door to be opened


When Harmony heard the knock, she frowned. Who would be knocking in this century?

"Mrs Tanya!" She called out and her maid came out, she was a lady in her late forties. "Please get the door."

"Yes ma'am" Tanya said and walked towards the door.

Because of the way she was positioned and with her MUA all over her face, she couldn't see who it was but she heard movements.

"Who is it?" She asked without turning around.

"It's a man." Mrs Tanya replied and all of a sudden, Harmony could feel herself shiver.

"Are you cold? Should I turn off the AC?" Her MUA asked.

"No, no, it's okay. Please give me some minute." She said and the two women exited. She turned around and didn't find anyone in the room. Out of curiosity, she stood up and walked towards the closed door.


Ichabod stood at the door, unable to enter. He was part human-part vampire, he couldn't go in even if he tried to, he needed her permission. The maid had only checked to see who he was and she hadn't asked him to come in, so he was waiting. Theoretically, vampires cannot enter a house unless the owner of the house or someone who had lived for a long period of time, invites them in. This only applies to residential houses alone.

The door opened just as he had expected and once more, he was face to face with this lady that looked every way like his dead wife. Once again, he could feel the excitement deep down in him-

Odin, behave.

Something had changed actually, the hair. Then her face was heavily painted and looked as if, part of it was painted in a darker clay color...her eyebrows were more pronounced and well shapened-she seemed slightly different from 'his' Dennis.


Harmony stood by the door, looking at this white drop-dead gorgeous man in a black suit and once again, she was mute. His eyes were just so mesmerizing and captivating and...he looked away, making her flush in embarrassment.

She had to snap out of this madness....

"You are late!" She said with all her effort.

"I apologise Ma'am, I got delayed." He replied.

That voice...that same no no, could this b

l. His wife in another life was married to another man and had a kid. There was no way Odin would not win this battle, Ichabod could feel it already.

"Hey babe, hi Vivian." Michael said to the other women before putting Tracy down.

"Sup Michael, long time no see." Vivian said on purpose.

"What are you doing here Michael?" Harmony asked, looking a little bit unhappy to see him. Ichabod wondered why she was not pleased to see him when they were a family.

"What are you talking about?" Michael said, coming closer to kiss her on the forehead. "Are you saying I can't come and greet the most beautiful ladies in the world? No offense Vivian." He addedm stepping further back.

"None taken." Vivian replied. "I guess I will see you tomorrow Harmony. Goodnight love." Vivian said, throwing a kiss to Tracy who waved at her.

"Yea, I will call you." Harmony announced to her friend who nodded and waved at Ichabod as well. Ichabod waved back just in time to see Michael looking at him with a questioning look.

"Who is he?" Michael demanded.

"He, is none of your business Michael." Harmony replied signaling to Ichabod to get the car ready. The man nodded and walked away.

"Oh, isn't that the man on the document I saw in your bag?"

Harmony raised her brows. "Oh, you were snooping around in my bag! Michael!"

"Yea, I have to. You don't tell me things Harmony. Besides, I need to be sure that I am comfortable with the people you bring around our daughter!"

Harmony scoffed. "Really? How daughter? I can't believe you Michael." She turned to Tracy who was looking sad by the minute. "Come on let's go Tracy." She said as Ichabod drove to their side.

Tracy looked really sad but still looked up at his father.

"Dad, are you going to come to my Halloween party?"

"Sure baby. I will be there. Just tell your mother to send me all the details and..."

"Come baby, let's go." Harmony ordered, lifting Tracy up into her arms as Ichabod stepped out to open t he car door for them. He waited as the door closed behind them and was about going around to get into the driver's seat when one of the goons that had followed Michael stopped him.

He frowned.

"Hey young, man, I believe we have no business together."

Michael walked closer to him, now he was holding a cigar in between his lips. "Actually, we do now. Those two ladies are the world to me White man and if anything happens to them, you will be roasted. You better not to try anything funny with my wife and....."

"You seem more like a pig to me than a husband or a father...." Odin grunted out loud.

"What did you just say to me....?"

Ichabod gained his control immediately. "I am so sorry. Please, Let me just take them home." He said and quickly walked to his seat before Harmony started getting worried.

When he got into the car, he brought out the bottle, put in a few drops...

"What is that?" Harmony asked behind him.

"Urm...just my medication..." He lied with shaky hands before hiding it in his inner jacket.

"Okay. I know Michael must have rattled you out. I am so sorry, " Harmony apologised.

"It's okay." He replied.

"I will give you the direction. Just please take me home quickly. I need you to drive fast as carefully as you can. We need to get home before midnight."

Ichabod checked the time behind the wheel, he also needed to get home on time because odin would come out for sure by twelve and right now, it was some minutes past eleven.

"Well, why don't you two young ladies fasten your seat belt?"

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