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   Chapter 8 HARMONY'S POV

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"Wow. The outing was really great. I can see that. A new hair? Fits you." Vivian said as we got in. I had branched the salon to make a new hair for my movie premier, it was a short, red weavon cap. Tracy was super excited and was jumping up and down.

"Aunt V, I just saw my daddy." She said.

"Oh, I'm sure he brought you lots of stuffs, didn't he?" Vivian asked and Tracy nodded. The maid came over to collect bunch of stuffs I had in my hands from me while I collapsed against the settee. I was so tired. I kept looking at my daughter and friend as they talked excitedly together. Michael had brought our daughter expensive stuffs which she was showing to Vivian. They soon walked out of sight while I lay on the couch.

As I was about closing my eyes, my phone vibrated, luckily, it was in my hand, so I just put the phone to my ears.

"Hey babe. What's up?"

I sighed, it was Michael. "I'm good."

"Are my two angels home?"

I rolled my eyes, "Tracy and I are home."

"Ok good. Thanks for the time babe, I really appreciate it. How about doing it again?"

I shook my head, "I have lots of things to do tomorrow Michael. My movie is hitting the cinema tomorrow and I have to be at the premier. "

"Okay, what about Tracy? Can she join me?"

I sighed. "Can we discuss this tomorrow Michael, I am super tired. "

"Okay, okay, no pressure. I will talk to you tomorrow. Take care. Kisses to my baby."

I groaned as I ended. Kisses to 'his baby, ' the baby that he didn't want to be a part of from the start. I leaned forward about to stand up when the phone rang again. For god's sake, Michael...I almost cursed into the phone but I held my breath as I heard a female voice.

"Evening Harmony, this is Rhonda from the h

ips invitingly but instead, he whispered, his lips twisting into a crooked smile.

"You have cast a spell on me Dennis. What have you done to me my love?" He kissed around the necl.

She giggled as he whispered these into her ears. He reached out a hand to pull down her hair which she hadn't even realized was packed at the top of her head

He reached out and pulled on her hair and instead, her hair came down loosely on her face. They were thick, black and, that wasn't my hair or was it?

All of a sudden she realized the candles in the room flickered and the flames went out by an invisible gust of wind, plunging her into a sudden inky darkness..


I sat upright in the tub startled that my hot water had immediately gone cold. I could feel my heart pounding and I rested a hand to my chest, looking around my bathroom. Everything was the same, there were no candles, except for the expensive bulbs that lit up the bathroom, no strange man speaking softly into her ears but I could feel a cold breeze all of a sudden, then I realized that my bathroom door was opened....had I left it like that or had someone actually come in here?

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