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   Chapter 7 FINDING HELP

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"You look so good Harmony."

She scoffed at Michael's compliment. They were in a restaurant, the three of them but Tracy was busy fiddling with the new tab her father had brought her, she had huge

Earphones attached to her ears, shutting her out of the adults' conversation.

"Save your compliments Michael, I don't need them." Harmony replied, taking a bite of her food.

"You have also done such a remarkable work with our daughter, she has ...."

"Hold on right there." Harmony cut in. "Did you just saw 'our' daughter?"

Michael nodded but she scoffed.

"Seems you have forgotten that you told me you didn't want her so she is not your daughter."

"Come on, this is why I am here Harmony. I want to make things right."

"What things are you talking about? There are nothing that you need to set right here. Wait, where were you those years ago? Where were you when I was in the labor room? Now all of a sudden you want to make things right?"

Michael sighed. "Look, I never wanted a child then but I do now. I want to be part of her life...your lives."

Harmony laughed, "hold it right there Michael. Hold on, what were you thinking? That we would just welcome you back into our lives with open arms?"

"I will do anything you want me to, I swear. Look, I am not getting any younger and she is my blood, my daughter. Please allow me to be part of her life let her bear my last name and everything..."

Harmony laughed loud. "Really? Your last name? You must be joking. I have not even accepted you and you are talking about me changing my daughter's name. That is never going to happen!"

Michael observed her for a minute and then smiled. "God I have missed your stubbornness! Let me show you I can be the best father in the whole world baby. Please. Just one month trial. I will do anything."

Harmony gave him a condescending look but then waved her hands, "I will think about it."

"Awesome. " Michael shouted, then he took her hands into his and kissed it. "I brought you a gift." He said.

"What?" She asked with a languid interest. She watched as he brought out a little pink jewelry box from his pocket and opened it In it lay a silver necklace that was adorned with diamonds. Her fave brightened up a little.

"Oh my God! Those are real diamonds."

"Yes, they are." He replied proudly, then took it out and walked towards her before fastening it around her neck. He didn't hesitate to kiss her on the cheek while he fastened the jewelry.

"It's beautiful." Harmony said with a smile.

"Glad you liked it." He replied, walking back to his seat. "So, how have you been?"

"Great. I've been great."

He beckoned to a waiter. "So any interesting man in your life?"

She frowned but ignored h

uality but I have never seen anything like it before. This is too good to be true."

"Well, lady, as long as I appreciate behind the first of my kind, I don't have much time left. Please can you help me?"

She smiled looking at Ichabod's hand. "Your ring is getting weaker so are you. Yes I can help you but don't mind my father, he alone has the sight to read people, he can see supernatural things, my gifts are just pure science. What I have read about duality suggested that, one rules the day while another rules the night. Yet when one, that is the human side fails to get emotional balance, the other can take over. The emotion level must always be at a balance, if it goes slightly above probably due to emotions or anger, the other one will always take over."

"Well then I need something to get me emotionally balanced please." Ichabod pleaded.

Rasheedat walked to the shelve and little bottle of something red.

"This is monocane. Doctors use it in small doses as a pain killer but you need it to reduce the power of that beast in you."

"Oh my God!" Ichabod's face brightened up. "You really think this will work?"

Rasheedat shrugged. " I have been working on this for years and you will be the first to try it. Just a drop on your tongue should do the trick. Let me know if it works."

Ichabod collected it excitedly, "how much are we...?"

"No, don't pay yet, first, let's hope it works, then you can tell me all about you. I wanna know everything and how you got to be the carrier of this curse. That will be enough payment plus, it will be an achievement for my career."

Ichabod smiled. He was touched and excited at the same time "Thank you."

While they spoke Adam's phone vibrated....

"Ichabod, there's a message from the hiring site, you are to come back tomorrow, to start the job."

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