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   Chapter 6 THE ENCOUNTER

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Harmony sat in the comfort of her living room, wearing just her long white bathing robe and holding in her hand a cup of martini. A fresh white flower was tucked in her hair.

Vivian sat beside her with her laptop on her lap. A man stood before them. He was tall, dark and well built.

"So I just went through your background record now, it showed you have been t o the prison thrice Mr John." Vivian said, starring at the man from the back of her wide rimmed glassed.

"That's right ma'am." John replied.

"Do you mind telling us more about the case of theft you were charge with?" Harmony asked.

"Well, it was a long time ago. I stole someone's car and I got monished for it. That was all I have done my part and I have been cleared."

Harmony and Vivi exchanged glances.

"Okaydokey. So, what are the things you possess that will make you qualified for this job?" Vivian asked.

"Oh, I've been waiting for you to say that." John said excitedly and immediately pulled out his belt with one hand. All of a sudden, he started doing kungfu where he whipped and slashed an inviscible opponent. He jumped around for a while and somersaulted thrice.

While all this was going on, Harmony couldn't believe the madness she was looking at. Vivian on the other hand was trying so hard to stop herself from laughing and when John eventually stopped.

"We will give you a call if you are qualified John." Both women said at the same time

John bowed with the belt around his neck. Then he took his leave.

When he finally left, both women burst into laughter.

"What was that?" Harmony asked amidst laughter.

"I dunno. Obviously the man has watched lots of Jackie Chan movie." Vivian replied laughing so hard.

"How many applicants are left?"

"Seven." Vivi replied and Harmony sighed.

"Okay, let's have the next one."

Vivian stood up and walked to the courtyard where the men were.


"I can't believe that I accepted your ridiculous idea Adams." Ichabod said, where he sat at the driver's seat, in front of a mansion.

"Look, you already got the hard part, you are a natural. What will it cost you to guard someone's life?" Adams replied, stepping out of the car.

"First, you said your friend would bring a truck, then he sent his son Simon to bring a car. "

"That's not a problem at all, you drive everything the same way. Now get down from the car and get a grip."

Ichabod sighed and opened the car He was getting used to this 21st-century nonsense. He wondered what happened with the riding of horses as it was in his past life. Still, driving a car made much sense as it was faster than a horse.

"This castle is so huge. Does a princess live here? Am I to be guarding a princess?" He said as he got out.

"It's a mansion, not a castle. Good Lord! You are worse! Please try and behave when you get interviewed okay?"

"Well, I will try. I'm not going to let Odin mess this up for me, I can feel him deep down. Do you think this job is wise? I mean, I am still yet to find the lady."

"Once you get the job, it will be the next thing we will do. Like we have planned. Now go on, I will be right here."

Ichabod nodded and walked towards the mansion. He could see some men walking out already. None was white, they were all black and well built. They kept looking at him as he passed. He began to think maybe he was over dressed, he was all suited up unlike the man who were in fabrics that clung so tightly to their body, showing off their rippling muscles and protruding groin.

"Good Lord!" He said to himself before walking

e during the day, you are only to come out in the night."

Odin sighed with his lips still bearing the wicked smiled. "Dear old Adam, you should thank Ichabod for that, he is getting weaker by the day and I am getting stronger every minute." He shrugged proudly, "I can come out anytime he showed an emotional weakness, I just take over.

Damn the four months that I have to wait, I could have had that lady right there that instant. Just imagine digging my fangs into the fleshy part of her neck...delish isn't it?"

Unaware of Adam who had gotten so close to him. By the time he turned around, it was too late, Adam bashed his head with a stick. He felt woozy all of a sudden, he knew he was losing his consciousness but not without doing this. He grabbed Adam by the neck and snarled at him, "how dare you!" before falling into a total blackness.


Adam counted the time until it was exactly ten minutes later when Ichabod shouted from his deep sleep where he lay on the floor. He put a hand to his head which was banging so hard. Adam passed him a bag of iceblock which he held to his head while he managed to stand up.

"Are you okay?" Adam asked.

"Yea, I will be." Ichabod replied in his normal voice before sitting down.

"Odin told me what happened, Denis was the lady? Is that true?"

Ichabod nodded. It was stupid but there was no way he could explain that to him. He couldn't even understand.

"How is that possible?"

"I don't know Adams, I don't think Odin knows either."

"Odin mentioned reincarnation, so it's possible. "

"Then that is fucked up. How do I behave around her? I killed this woman in my other life!"

"You killed another version of her Ichabod, not her. This is fate, fate has brought you both together again. Odin knows you are getting weaker by the minute. You need to be able to control him."

"I know Adams, I also need to get that job, it really needs to click. One thing that is certain is that Odin won't touch her until the full moon. He can't touch her but he can mess things up for me. I don't want that."

"Yes but, it is risky if you can't control him. Getting closer to that woman will be really risky you know. Your ring can barely contain him any longer, We need something stronger, "

"So what do we do?"

"I might know someone, she deals with supernatural stuff like this, she might be able to help us."

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