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"I can't deal with this right now Vivi. Look, I know you are wise and smart. You can handle things on your own. Call me later." She said into the phone before ending the call. After this, she put the phone in the purse to focus on the magazine on her laps.

She was at the salon with lots of heat blowing into her skull from the hair dryer. Her movie was going to be premiered the next day and all hands were on deck but still she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was about to happen in her life. What could it be?

You know that feeling you have when you feel like you have forgotten something and you couldn't stop thinking about what it could be, yea, that feeling.

Her mind drifted off to the dream she had two nights ago, it had started so sweet and her body had responded in the most amazing manner. She couldn't understand why she felt as if she had never been with a man before. It was so strong. She wanted him so badly in her dream-this same man but why did he always have to change every time the dream ended. What kind of a nightmare was this? The worse part was that she couldn't tell if he was trying to attack her or make love to her, it all started so romantically anyway. It was like the man was just two different people, -sweet and dangerous. Those were the two words that must never come together. The more she kept thinking about it, the more it sent waves of heat down her entire being and not to talk of the one rushing into her skull. Her eyelids were coming together slowly...

She kept shifting uncomfortably in her chair. The heat in her head was about to make her head explode so she stepped out of her chair, with the hot towel still around her neck.

The hair stylist walked up to her as he noticed what just happened.

"Are you okay Harmony?" He asked.

"Well, Tom, I can't continue. It's just too much heat in there." She replied, everyone was looking at her now.

"But the setting needs to be in place." Tom replied, patting the curls on her head with his hands.

"I know, trust me but I think I will just go and come back tomorrow." She replied.

"Well, no problem darling. Let me fetch Tracey for you."

Some minutes later, she walked hand in hand with her daughter out of the saloon. Tracy was busing tossing her balloon in the air and bouncing it up with one hand. She was really happy with what she was doing.

By the time she got to her car, while looking for her keys, she noticed her daughter had run after the balloon that had been carried off in the air.

"Tracy come back here!" She shouted after her but Tracy was too excited to listen to her mum.

When Harmony finally found her, she realized she was talking with a man whose back was turned towards her and who looked exactly like the figure she had seen on the road that night.

"Tracy, come back here."

"Mum, meet my new friend..."

Her chest was rising and falling as the man was turning around but instead of human face, all she saw were the fangs of his teeth and she screamed.

"Harmony, are you okay...?"

She opened her eyes and realized everyone in the saloon was looking at her. She had slept off where she was drying her hair. Quickly, she stood up, panic was evidently written on her face.

"Are you okay? Tom asked, coming over to her side. Everything was happening all over again. Without further ado, she threw away the towel around her neck and rushed out of the saloon.


Ichabod opened his eyes immediately and Adams rushed in.

"I saw you come in right now, I was shouting your name and you didn't respond, what happened?"

He sat up right, standing up. "That wasn't me. That was Odin. The ring can't retain him any longer, he is getting too strong. If I can change into odin at any moment of the day, then I don't think I can stand a chance any longer. I need to meet the lady now."

** ** ***

"You can't be serious." Vivian blurted out.

" I am serious Vivi, "

"No you can't be, it's either you are crazy or something is wrong with you. You just moved into that house weeks ago and now you are thinking of selling it and getting another one?"

Harmony sighed, she knew she sounded crazy but how else would she explain to her friend that she was scared as ever. That she had been having these dreams that were really scarring the life out of her. That she was scared for her daughter's life and hers. That she had this feeling that something terrible was going to happen and she could feel it was coming very fast.

"Is there something that you are not telling me?" Vivi asked in her gentle voice, she came over to sit beside her, brushing her hair back with the back of her hand.

Harmony sighed. "Babe, I am so scared of staying alone in that house." She confessed. She had left the salon to come over to her friend's place.

"You are scared? Again? But you were scared was why you moved out from your other house and you got this one. Is there something else? What are you afraid of? You have a maid with you."

"Yea, but who only comes during the day. Look, I am a mother, I am allowed to be scared. Especially with the whole th

ing that happened the other night."

"You mean the accident?"

Harmony nodded.

Vivia inhaled a deep breath. "I think the problem is that you need a man in your life."

Harmony looked at her and shook her head. "No, I don't."

"Yes you do. I don't understand the whole thing with you and Michael but if you guys will keep going on and off then you need stability. You need a man that will be with you every night."

"I don't need a man Harmony, I need a bodyguard." Harmony replied and vivi burst into laughter.

"Well, maybe a cute, sexy bodyguard will put you on the right edge." Her friend replied and she threw her a dangerous look.

"I don't care, I just need a body guard that will drive me around as well."

"That's not a problem, I will find one for you." Vivi said with a wink but her friend groaned. "Excuse me, will be right back." She said before leaving.

Harmony sighed and brought out her phone. She checked the time, it was just minutes after two in the afternoon, she would need to go pick Tracy up from school and from there, she would go for the premier of her latest movie 'ENTANGLED.'

Her phone beeped and she realized she got a message, she opened it and frowned, it was Michael.

"Hey babe. I'm coming into town tomorrow from Manchester. Care to get a drink, you can bring Tracy along."

She scoffed as her friend entered, in her hand was her tab, she seemed pretty excited but frowned as she saw the look on her face.

"What's the matter?" Vivi asked.

"It's Michael, he wants to have a drink tomorrow with Tracy and I." She said, throwing the phone on the couch.

"Wow! The almighty coach is coming into town. Are you down for it?"

"I dunno yet. What's up, what are you doing?"

Vivi smiled. "Being your bestfriend and your social media handler, I just announced that we are in need of a body guard with these qualifications..." She said, laughing and showing Harmony the info on her tab.

Harmony took the tab and read.

"He must be well built and must have a good background. No criminal record except for a good course. Six abs and cuteness is a bonus.

"Oh my God! Vivi! This is like saying I am horny and I needed a man to take the stress off. What were you thinking?"

Vivi laughed, "but I didn't say that. I only said he must be a perfect gentleman who knows how to treat a lady right. Look at those cute men that are responding though, I mean check out those abs!"

Harmony clicked on the pictures coming in and she shook her head but still, she couldn't but drool at the pictures. There were about 5 messages showing interest already and all of them were shirtless. They were all as sexy as hell.

"Oh God!" She shut her eyes and handed Vivi who couldn't stop laughing her tab.

"You are a bad influence. These are gigolos Vivi. Thanks for your help. I will handle things my way...I need to go pick my girl from school."

"But what about the bodyguard?"

"I will find one for myself. Will check online, will like to go quietly. Don't want to reveal who I am so as not to attract the wrong men." She replied, standing up and was about to go, then stopped, "send those pictures to my phone will you?"

Vivi laughed, "so you like what you saw?"

"Yes but they are not going to be my bodyguard, there's no harm, looking at pictures is it?"

"Bad girl!" Her friend shouted after her before she closed the door.

** ** **

"Do you mind smiling a little bit?" Adams said, holding his phone in his hand to take Ichabod's picture.

"I do not understand what you are asking of me dear old Adams." Ichabod replied, trying to stand still while Adams took his picture.

"I just need to take this picture and submit to the bodyguard site."

"Wait, you want me to be a bodyguard?"

"Sure, why not? You can start from there, once we sell the gold, we will be left with nothing once we run out of them."

Ichabod shook his head. "What does the job entail anyway?"

"Driving and guarding."

"Driving? For God's sake I don't know how to drive."

"Don't worry, you will learn it, I told a friend of mine to give us his truck so you can learn with that."

"Oh Lord! I hope you are not trying to get me killed."

"Just stand still...wait. If you can't drive a truck, how did you stop the truck the other night?"

"It wasn't me. That was Odin." Ichabod replied, "That idiot can do anything."

"Oh, I see. Now hold still while I take your picture."

Ichabod stood still and blinked as the light flashed.

"Well, this is better." Adams said before moving to the computer on the table.

Ichabod watched as Adams operated on what he called, 'the box of witchcraft.' He had been locked in the coffin for so long and so many things have changed. He couldn't understand how such a box could hold so much information.

While he walked from where he stood and down to the bar, he heard Adams shout.

"Oh! That was fast, someone just sent a message, you are going for an interview tomorrow."

Ichabod frowned. "An interview? But I haven't even learned how to drive."

"Well, then I better call Simon to bring the car quickly."

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