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She stood up from where she lay on the ground, gathering the hem of her wedding gown with her with one knife while holding the knife in her hand, the expression on her face was that of satisfaction as she stared at the knife. The blood of her victim was dropping in thick droplets on to the carpeted floor. It

The man writhed on the ground, in a great agony; blood was oozing from his chest. He kept starring at her, desperation to know why she had killed him was visible in her eyes.

She took another look at him, this time with a cold expression, the hatred was burning through her and it seemed as if even the death which she had punished him with was not enough. Finally, she dropped the knife on his body and then still looking at him as he spat out blood, she pulled out the ring on her fourth finger of her left hand, and she threw it at him.

He spat more blood...

"Wh..why?" He managed to ask but that minute, she dipped a hand into her gown, and pulled out a picture. When the man saw this, his face went white all of a sudden, his lips slack and he took his final breath.

She threw the picture on his lifeless body, her face expressionless as she walked with a blood-stained wedding gown out of the room...


The director shouted with all his might and everyone in the room began to clap. All of sudden, the lights came on.


"And that was a job well done!" Shouted Director Dee (D.D) as he hugged his superstar actress who was now coming back in the bloody wedding gown.

"You did well dear." He said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Now, let's clean up this place, " D.D shouted and was surprised to see that Alex was still lying on the ground. "Come on stand up buddy! She's killed you and you are dead but that's in the movie, not in real life. If you dare sleep off on that floor, I will be the one who kills you in real life."

Everyone laughed including Adam who was now standing up, removing his blood-stained costume.

"Come dear, let's get you out of that costume." Said Vivian to Harmony, she was her costumier and her closest friend.

"You look like you actually killed someone in real life." She joked as they walked to the bathroom together.

"What time is it?" Harmony asked while her friend pulled out a chair for her, they were in the dressing room.

"It's some minutes past midnight." Vivian replied, pulling out the wig from Harmony's head and brought out a box of facial wipes.

"Where's my baby?" Harmony asked while her friend dabbed at her face, wiping off the make-up.

"She's in the other room, she's sleeping peacefully, " Vivian replied.

"I promised her pizza tonight, too bad I couldn't give her. She would never forgive me. I need to go home tonight."

Vivian stopped and stared at her friend. "Go home? It's a dangerous babe. Look, you are my friend, okay, and you are a grand superstar, we cannot let anything happen to you."

Harmony sighed, "I have to go home. I move into my new place days ago and I haven't even spent a night in it. I really need to go home tonight. I can't go to a hotel tonight."

"You are so stubborn Harmony! Has anyone told you that before?"

She nodded, "yea, you have. A million times."


An hour later, she was driving on the road while nodding to the music playing in her car. Tracy slept beside her, snoring peacefully. She was just five years old and she was everything to her. Sometimes, Harmony would wonder if there was a greater love than that of a mother to her child, it was amazing how you would love someone even more than you love yourself. She would die if anything happened to her daughter.

She took another look at her before focusing on the road. She should have really stayed back. She had a long day and she was tired but she just wanted to spend at least one night in her house, Tracy had been clamoring for that and she had promised her two things tonight-either pizza or taking her home tonight. She wanted to see the surprised look on her face when she wakes up in the morning she would be so thrilled.

Harmony smiled to take another look at her daughter, hardly had she turned back when she realized a trailer was coming straight at her. Quickly she pressed the brakes but for no reason, it failed


No, no, no no!

She looked at Tracy and then back at the trailer who was still rushing towards her, she couldn't swerve right or left as they were on a bridge, swerving would be a colossal mistake.

"Oh God! Please!" She prayed, her chest rising and falling, there was only one thing on her mind and that was the safety of her daughter. She let go of the wheels, gathered her arms around her sleepy daughter and shut her eyes......


"Lord please even if I die, keep my baby safe please, please, please."

Those were the prayers I found myself repeating over and over again even when I felt the brightness of the headlamps so close in my eyelids, I shut my eyes tight. This was the end of everything, I could tell it was just a matter of second before it crashed into us but all of a sudden, I heard a shrieking noise and I shut my ears while still holding Tracy close. It wasn't a crashing noise at all, instead, it was like someone pulling perhaps the brake of....

I looked up and to amazement, the trailer was slowing down even though the tip was already touching the front of my car, I couldn't see what was happening but, I realized the door of the trailer was opened and whoever was inside was pulling the brake somehow...

Oh my god! Oh my god! Without thinking, I grabbed Tracy in my arms, opened the door and climbed out of the car and began to run further back, away from the sight.

"Mummy..." Tracy stirred in my arms where I sat hurdled in a corner far, where I looked at what was happening.

"Oh my darling. You are okay, you are awake..." I cried for joy, hugging her closer but she was too confused. Still I sat on the tarred road, watching the trailer which was no longer moving but a few inches away from my car. The door was still opened but while watching, I realized someone climbed out of it. I couldn't really see because it was dark and the lights from my car weren't towards that direction. Instead, I saw the silhouette of a man standing and looking at us.

For some reason, my mind kept beating rapidly as I watched him. Could he be driver? Why was he not talking? He could at least apologize or...the sound of siren behind me interrupted my thoughts. Police cars and an ambulance were approaching. I heaved a sigh of relief and stood up, holding Tracy by the hand. Momentarily, I glanced towards the figure again but to my surprise, he was gone.

"Madam, are you okay?" Said an inspector, rushing towards me. I nodded as the rest went towards the scene.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, the trailer..i don't know what happened to the driver, he was just standing there and my brakes failed but I am fine."

"You said you saw the driver?"

I nodded and pointed towards where he had stood. "Yes, he was just standing there few seconds again." I explained.

"Okay." The inspector replied and talked into his walkie-talkie.

"Come with me madam." Said another inspector, a woman this time. She carried Tracy in her arms and together we walked to one of their cars.

After I got settled in the car with my daughter with me, the other inspector came closer.

"Thought you said you saw the driver some seconds ago?"

I nodded.

"Well, was he wearing a uniform?"

I frowned, "I don't know, it was too dark. Why? Did you see him?"

"We found a man in the other seat beside the driver, he looked like the driver as it is stated here." The inspector said, bringing out a wallet which had an ID card. "Think he had a seizure of some card, he has foams all over his mind and that was why he lost control of the truck. You sure you saw someone there?"

I frowned, what was the meaning of this. "Yea, I did. I think he actually pulled the brakes to give my daughter and I a chance to escape."

"Well, there is no one there and there was no way any sane man would have climbed into a moving trailer that was about to crash. Plus, I just called the company, the man left the company alone and no one was with him."

I was quiet. This didn't make any sense. While I wondered, I saw the medics carrying a stretcher and on it was the driver, he had the uniform on. Still, who was the man that had saved us? How did he get into a moving truck and why did he leave so suddenly without a word?

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