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   Chapter 772 Happiness Forever After (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6187

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Time really flied. It seemed like years had passed in the blink of an eye.

This day, Rufus stared at the woman he was lying in the bed with. Forcefully, he said, "'s time to get up. We'll get late..."

Cassandra wrapped herself in the quilt, and rolled over to the edge of the bed. "No, I don't want to get up just yet..."

Rufus raised his eyebrows, thinking of an idea. Suddenly, he shouted, "Blessing! Greyson! Come wake your mother up."

The second Rufus called them, Greyson, who had grown up to be a handsome boy came in the room, followed by a cute little boy.

That was Blessing. He climbed onto the bed to wake Cassandra, while Greyson just stood there like he was watching a show. Blessing was almost three years old now. Rufus and Cassandra liked to call him Pumpkin at times. He resembled his father, what with the matching jaw and nose line. However, his personality was completely different from both his parents.

He was a naughty little devil!

Pumpkin jumped on the bed, yelling at the top of his voice. Cassandra put up a pillow over her ears, pretending to ignore him. "Mother! Wake up! I'm starving! I want to eat bread, and porridge, and ice cream!" he said in his harsh voice.

Cassandra had no choice but to wake up. She peeped from under the quilt, and looked at her baby boy, who was now sitting atop her. She squinted her eyes and spoke, "Ask your brother for what you want, your mother needs some rest..."

Pumpkin rejected, "No way! If you don't get up, I'll start crying right now!" The little one threatened his mother.

Cassandra's eyes widened. Immediately, she took hold of him and sat up on the bed.

"Stop! No crying!" she said, then wrapped him up in her arms, tickling him.

Pumpkin had been spending a lot of time with Yazid. The things the drama king was teaching him were getting

reyson held up his soft little hand, and put on a beaming smile. "I'm sure you will be the cutest ring bearer in the world!"

Pumpkin chuckled, feeling elated at his brother's words. His eyes crinkled as he smiled. "You are the best brother ever! I want to kiss you right now!"

Greyson smiled shyly. Then he bent down and kissed his little brother on the cheek.

"Hey! Pumpkin!" Pumpkin's eyes lit up upon hearing the familiar voice.

He turned around instantly and ran toward Yazid with his arms wide open.

"Uncle Yazid!"

Greyson was first taken aback at his sudden sprint, then followed him.

Yazid picked up Pumpkin in his arm, held Greyson's hand, and took them both inside.

Sara was getting her hair done in her room. She was already wearing the beautiful white gown, looking like an angel on the day of her wedding. She spotted the two kids in the mirror and smiled at them warmly. "Hey, little munchkins! Where's your mom and dad?"

"They're outside..." answered Pumpkin sweetly. "Aunt Sara, you look, gorgeous!" he continued, remembering the word he'd heard in a show.

Just at that moment, Harry entered the room.

Pumpkin continued with his sweet talk, "Uncle Harry! You look so handsome!"

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