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   Chapter 771 Satisfaction And Pleasure (Part Two)

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"Don't worry. I'm fine now," Cassandra held Stella's face in her palms and spoke in a soft, coaxing voice. "Let's go back home now."

Stella thanked the man who had saved Cassandra. In return, the man asked for her phone number, thinking they could hang out some time, which embarrassed Stella.

"It seems like the man is attracted to you," Cassandra said, teasing Stella. "Oh, actually he already has your phone number. I used his phone to call you!"

Stella's eyes widened. Cassandra continued, "He looks great, doesn't he? What a handsome doctor!"

Stella gritted her teeth and rolled her eyes. "So what? Are you trying to convince me of betraying Victor? How could you, Cassandra Qin! What have these days of captivity done to you!"

said Stella dramatically. Cassandra put up an innocent face and answered, "Never! I've never mentioned anything about betraying Victor. But it seems like your head is going places. How heartbroken will Victor be when he finds out you are thinking of cheating on him!"

"Oh God! Cassandra Qin! Rufus and you have been together for so long that you are turning as mean as he is!" said Stella, wrapping her arm around her friend's shoulders. She truly missed her best friend.

Rubbing her nose, Cassandra pretended to be humble. "Don't say that. I can never be as mean as he is."

Rufus was still sitting in the car. At first he'd been reluctant to come to this place.

But Victor kept telling him he was about to meet Cassandra over and over again. That was the thought that gave him some hope on the way.

If he couldn't see her, it would drive him mad!

Luckily, Victor didn't lie to him.

Cassandra was now standing right in front of him.

"Rufus," Cassandra called o

all of you," he said, thanking them again.

Cassandra couldn't drink wine due to her pregnancy. She raised her glass of juice to show her gratitude.

Harry glared at Rufus angrily, realizing how hard it was to win Cassandra over.

At the same time, Sara looked at Harry with her eyes full of longing. She was pretty sure Harry would never love her.

Greyson leaned against Cassandra, chatting with her lovingly.

Hertha couldn't help laughing at the sight of this. "I have never seen Greyson talking so much!"

Blinking his eyes, Greyson responded, "That's because I haven't seen my mother for a long time. I have to tell her so many things!"

Rufus feigned a displeased expression. "So... you don't have anything to say to me?"

Greyson looked at him with crinkling eyes and chuckled innocently, "No words for daddy!"

Before Rufus actually turned angry, Greyson spoke again, "I'm kidding, Daddy! Of course I want to tell you things. I love you so much, Daddy!"

Rufus snorted, "Is that all you've gotten to say to me?"

Everyone in the house burst out laughing at this. Rufus grasped Cassandra's hand, smiling with satisfaction.

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