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   Chapter 770 Satisfaction And Pleasure (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-22 12:56

Cassandra woke up in a daze.

She couldn't make out where she was, or the day and time.

"Finally! You're awake!" A strange voice reached her ears.

She turned in its direction and was shocked to find a strange man by her side, who had just uttered those words. She took a while to come to her senses, then spoke in a harsh tone, "Who are you?"

The man smiled at her gently. "I was just hanging out by myself, didn't expect to find you on the way!"

While keeping her gaze stuck to his face, Cassandra gradually recalled what had happened before she lost her consciousness.

There was a fire. The man who was in charge of her was taking her away somewhere.

She remembered thinking she had a chance of escaping. She'd been thinking of a way out the entire time. However, as soon as she tried to sprint, she was caught.

She remembered falling down onto the ground once. Turned out, she was lucky enough to escape on her second try, thanks to the fire and the thick smoke.

Cassandra turned pale, recalling the events. The fact that she had fallen down made her anxious, as she was pregnant right now. She looked at the man with wide eyes. Trembling, she asked, "My baby... How's my baby?"

She had already lost one child. She wouldn't be able to bear the loss of another one.

The man didn't expect Cassandra to be so overwhelmed the moment she woke up. After a while, he slowly responded, "Your baby's fine."

She didn't know who this man was, but his words assured and relieved her. Her hand reached down to her belly. With a slight smile, she murmured, "Thank God, thank God my baby's okay..."

Pulling out of his own thoughts, the man smiled at Cassandra. "We're in downtown right now. Do you know w

ords properly. He pushed him away again, so that he could head out again and go look for Cassandra.

Victor felt helpless. He had no choice but to shove Rufus in the car by force.

"Don't move!" he said, holding his shoulders. "I'm taking you to Cassandra!"

Harry was also busy looking for Cassandra, but Victor deliberately decided not to inform him.

As per his own observations over the last two days, he could clearly sense Harry was in love with Cassandra. The look of concern on his face wasn't ordinary. Anyone who couldn't sense his feelings for her would be dumb.

Victor thought it was necessary to give Harry a lesson to suppress the man's feelings for his ex-boss's wife.

He drove to the address Stella had given him, unconcerned with Harry and his search.

They reached the place very soon. The moment Stella saw Cassandra, she burst into tears, feeling overwhelmed and sad for whatever had happened to her friend.

"Cassandra!" Stella ran to Cassandra and held her in her arms tightly. "You scared us all to death!"

Cassandra's heart melted at the sight. She wondered what the girl had gone through in her absence.

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