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   Chapter 769 Reorganize The Dark Night Group (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-22 12:56

"Rufus, I'm not joking," she said softly. Her heart started to beat faster in anticipation of his response. At the continued quietude, she bit her lower lip with nervousness and spoke again, "I love you, Rufus. I love you so much.

And I will save you, I promise." Looking down at the silent man, Winnie felt panic rising up her throat. She feared he would never speak to her again, and she had enraged him into a permanent silence. Nevertheless, she gathered up some courage and said, "If I save you from this misery, will you be with me?"

Finally, there occurred to be a shift in Rufus's expression. He slowly began to realize what he was seeing and hearing, was indeed real.

At last, he responded, "I don't need you to save me. Just go back home."

Winnie stared at him in shock. Dazed, she asked, "What did you say?" She was surprised to find Rufus rejecting her even under such circumstances!

Rufus turned impatient, as he didn't have the energy to keep calm. Gritting his teeth, he repeated, "I said you should leave right now."

Winnie felt her heart break in two.

"Ru-Rufus," she murmured softly, feeling completely broken, "why?"

Rufus didn't answer and he just continued to stare at the floor, ignoring her completely.

After a few seconds of being despondent, Winnie spoke in a sad, defeated tone, "Even if you don't need my help, I will get you out of here."

She held onto the hope that one day he would be attracted by her charm and fall in love with her. She could never give up on him.

Winnie wasn't sure he had heard or not, given the absolute silence on his part.

She shut her eyes for a moment, composed herself, then left the room. The men standing outside noticed her bad mood but remained silent, fearing their questions would spark her anger.

While reeling from Rufus's rejection, Winnie started noticing the number of men who were s

race of her.

What made things worse was Winnie got shot in the mess.

Even though she was sent to a hospital urgently, she had been in a deep coma. The doctors said she could possibly remain in a vegetable stage forever.

Rufus and Harry continued to look for Cassandra, while Yazid decided to go back home to take care of Sara.

When she found out that Cassandra was missing, Hertha came to China with Greyson, all the way from Melbourne.

As soon as they got to China, they went straight to Rufus. Greyson couldn't recognize Rufus at first, as Rufus barely looked like himself. All these days of captivity had made him weary and sick.

"Daddy!" Greyson exclaimed and buried himself in Rufus's arms.

Rufus couldn't register what was happening at first. Once he came back to his senses, he caressed Greyson's hair and asked in a harsh tone, "Greyson! Why are you here?"

Weeping, Greyson replied, "I...I came here to look for Mommy!"

Rufus's eyes filled up in a second. He raised his head, trying to keep the tears in. "Greyson, my boy. Don't worry, I will find your mother."

Greyson's small body was trembling, tears were imprinted on his chubby cheeks. Wiping them away, he said in his small voice, "Okay, I will help you find her."

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