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   Chapter 766 Rufus’s Men (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-22 00:03

Winnie whimpered as she tried to gather all her strength to stand up. However, just as she was about to stand, her legs gave up from under her and she slipped once more.

Charlie took a sidelong glance at the woman, sneering at her pathetic frame. He refused to help her up.

Winnie tried to open her mouth to speak, but her voice barely left her throat, "C-Can you release Rufus now?"

Charlie scoffed at her, "Do you really think I'll let him go because of you? Give me some credit!"

Winnie's face turned pale at his dark laughter. She willed herself to lean against the table, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "W-what do you mean? Were you never planning to release him? Were you lying this entire time?"

"Poor, pathetic lady," Charlie laughed. "How could you say that I lied to you? As far as I can remember, I never made any promises."

Winnie felt her entire world spin before her eyes. She glared angrily at Charlie, but she was absolutely speechless.

"Winnie," Charlie started suddenly, clicking his tongue teasingly, "what do you think about being my girl from now on? Soon, the TY Group will be mine. Rufus will lose everything he has, including his own life. Why would you still want to be with such a disgusting loser like him?"

Winnie bit her lip in frustration. She refused to answer Charlie.

Charlie slowly continued, "Just imagine it. You can have everything you want if you be with me. I know you're a very smart woman. You should know what your best choice is."

Winnie frowned and stayed quiet. Charlie looked at her questioningly. It was hard to know what she was thinking about.

He clicked his tongue again, obviously getting a little impatient. "You're free to consider my offer. Just tell me what your choice is by the end of the day," Charlie declared before turning to leave the room.

In the dark, abandoned warehouse, Rufus was caged in. It was so dark that he couldn't see much of his surroundings. His hearing, however, seemed to be more enhanced than normal.

The silence was incredibly deafening, like a strong machine drilling in

another. Suddenly, he was informed that his forces throughout China were being compromised.

"Sara... who allowed you to be discharged from the hospital?" Yazid asked, shocked to find his younger sister standing in front of the house. His surprise slowly bubbled into anger.

Sara simply stuck her tongue out. "What do you mean? I've already recovered. There's no need for me to stay there any longer,"

she replied flatly, brushing past Yazid to enter his house. She halted her steps when she found Harry sitting on her brother's couch with a stranger.

Harry glanced over to the door and found her looking right at him. "Hi Sara," he started, turning to face her. "How are you feeling?"

Sara shook her head to clear her thoughts. It wouldn't do any good to keep looking at Harry. She then averted her eyes. Every time she looked at him, she found herself less willing to leave.

She didn't have the heart to leave him like this.

"Oh, I'm okay. Thanks for asking," Sara smiled while she tilted her head. She turned to look at her brother. "What's going on? What are you guys doing?"

Harry and Yazid were quiet. It took less than a few seconds for Sara to figure out what was happening. "Still trying to find a way to save Cassandra?"

Yazid walked over to Sara and placed a hand over her forehead. After reassuring himself that her fever was gone, he sighed and smiled.

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