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   Chapter 765 I Will Destroy You

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As she gazed at him, Winnie pursed her lips then said rather shyly, "Mr. Luo always tells me where he's going. He always contacts me too for updates about the company every day."

Harry, who happened to come back with Yazid just now, didn't really like Winnie. He could tell that this woman was a crafty person. She wasn't as innocent as she pretended to be.

"Well, if that's what you came in here for, then I don't think you have any reason to worry. He's doing fine. So if you'll excuse us, We still have things to do," Harry responded coldly.

Winnie blushed. She felt embarrassed to stay any longer when she knew she wasn't welcomed here.

"Alright then. Sorry to bother you. But please keep me posted about Mr. Luo's situation," Winnie murmured.

Harry raised his eyebrows and didn't respond to her anymore.

Finally, Winnie had no choice but to leave unwillingly. Watching her receding figure, Harry's face darkened.

He just felt uncomfortable even at the mere sight of her.

"Oh, I have an idea," Yazid suddenly blurted out.

Harry and Victor's eyes lit up upon hearing this. "Tell us about it."

With his eyebrows raised, Yazid lifted the corners of his mouth and said in a crafty tone, "Create chaos."

Victor was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Looking at them like they were idiots, Yazid explained helplessly, "We all know that what Charlie wants is to torture Cassandra and Rufus for his daughter's death. So we can create chaos and force Charlie to come out and deal with it."

Rolling his eyes at Victor and Harry, Yazid continued, "If we can keep Charlie occupied with troubles out here, then he won't be able to spare extra time and energy to torture them. In that case, we'll have more time to find them and save them."

Upon hearing this idea, Victor had a strange look on his face. By the end, he hesitantly agreed and then immediately started planning.

With his legs crossed, Yazid seemed to be extremely satisfied with his plan.

Harry glanced at him and said, "Yazid, let's just forget the past and move on."

In fact, he was afraid that one day Yazid would set him up. He wouldn't put it past Yazid to do that to him.

Yazid raised his eyebrows when he heard what Harry said. He responded in a defiant tone, "Well, I can accept that... as long as you...beg me."

Suddenly, Harry regretted what he'd said and decided to not press it anymore.

After going through so much, Victor realized that even the good-looking ones could sometimes turn out to be the smart ones. Yazid was an excellent example. He was handsome and he was smart, too.

'What kind of chaos could attract Charlie's attention so he'd set aside his revenge and deal with this first?'

Victor thought for a long while and finally came up with an idea—that was to create chaos within the Dark Night Group.

Charlie had devoted all his effort to the Dark Night Group. Victor was certain that the old man wouldn't handle it if something happened within the Group. Charlie would definitely want to deal with that first on his own.

Rubbing his forehead, Victor thought of the secret men that Rufus had kept in the Dark Night Group. Right now, he was afraid that he had to use them under such severe circumstances.

He just wanted Rufus to agree with him. He hoped that Rufus wou

wn home after coming here?"

Winnie's face turned pale instantly upon hearing this. "I thought you were a smart woman. But it turns out that you're just like the rest."

Charlie winked at his men, then suddenly they all left the room. The last person who left the room even closed the door deliberately.

"Miss An, one thing you should know about me is that I, Charlie Ke, hate to be threatened." Charlie stood up and walked to Winnie who was pale as a sheet.

"So now that you have just pissed me off, I wonder what you will do to please me?" he teased.

Winnie knew what would happen next. In fact, she had already thought of this too before deciding to come here.

"Mr. Ke," she managed to put on a beautiful smile, "did I catch your attention?" As she spoke, Winnie seductively unbuttoned her blouse.

She tried her best to control herself from trembling out of fear. Her shoulder was now bare and exposed to Charlie.

"Mr. Ke, do you prefer me this way?" Winnie asked, laying her hand on his shoulder.

Charlie was initially shocked, but he couldn't deny that he was interested in this pretty woman.

He reached out as if he was going to pull Winnie into his arms. Instead, he pushed her against the table. Winnie felt the cool surface against her bare skin.

Charlie put his hand up Winnie's skirt, a creepy smile on his face. "Well, are you doing this all for Rufus? You must really love him then."

Winnie tried her best to fake a smile on her face. "Not really. I just realized how attracted I am to you."

Charlie laughed. "Do you really think I believe you?" he continued to explore her body with his hand as he spoke.

After a while, he sneered, "I didn't expect you to be so sensitive. It looks like you do have some experience in sex."

Suddenly, both Winnie and Charlie were moaning and it was all that could be heard in the room.

Winnie's eyes were cold as ice beneath all the cigarette smoke.

'Rufus, I have sacrificed myself for you. If you still can't accept me, I don't know what else I can do and I'm just going to have to destroy you.'

After they finished, Charlie looked at Winnie who was laying on her back and said, "So? Can't you move now?"

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