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   Chapter 764 Kiss Away Her Tears

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Cassandra smiled upon hearing this name. "I like the name. We can name our baby that regardless if it's a boy or a girl."

Rufus hugged her tightly in his arms. His low voice sounded even gentler and sweeter in such a dim room.

"Sweetie, it's getting late now. We should go to sleep," Rufus coaxed gently.

Cassandra then closed her eyes. The baby inside her seemed to settle down as well.

It was quite a long night. Rufus couldn't calm himself down even for just a bit.

Would Harry take to heart all that he'd told him earlier that day? Would he make good use of his men?

Rufus was anxious right now. He wasn't sure whether Harry could be as smart and cunning as he had expected in situations like this.

That night, Rufus couldn't fall asleep while Cassandra was sound asleep.

Still, it seemed like Cassandra was having a nightmare as Rufus could see that her eyebrows were knitted together and even some tear stained on her cheeks.

Rufus sighed helplessly. He leaned forward and kissed her eyes.

"Cassandra, I'm so sorry you have to suffer like this."

When she woke up from her sleep, Cassandra found Rufus sitting on the bed and staring at her. She wondered how long Rufus had been sitting there.

"How's your arm feeling?" Cassandra fixated on Rufus's arm. "Does it still hurt?"

Rufus shook his head. "No, it doesn't." It still hurt a lot but Rufus didn't want to say that because he was afraid that it would upset Cassandra.

Rufus frowned when he saw that the little woman seemed a bit upset, so he asked, "Did you sleep well last night? Are you feeling okay?"

Cassandra shook her head. "Yeah, I'm feeling just fine. It's you that..."

Rufus pinched her cheek, not even letting her finish her sentence. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Suddenly, someone interrupted them.

Rufus turned to see who it was.

Some man haphazardly threw their food on the table, looking scornful. "Here's your meal. Eat and hurry up. I'll come back to clean it up later."

As soon as he finished speaking, the man left right away without even waiting for them to respond.

Rufus glared as the figure disappeared. It took a while for him to calm down and stop himself from wanting to wring that man's neck.

"Cassandra," Rufus said slowly, "let's eat."

The food was just some porridge and two other dishes served in small portions—all of which didn't look appetizing at all.

Rufus sighed helplessly. "Cassandra, just try your best to eat. You can't starve when you're pregnant."

As she rubbed her stomach, Cassandra realized that she was indeed hungry. Even though the dishes didn't look good at all, she knew she had to eat something for the baby.

She wasn't alone right now. She was pregnant, which meant that she had to take care of herself for the baby's sake.

However, Cassandra couldn't shake off the worry she was feeling. "Rufus, do you think Charlie would poison this food?"

After a pause, Rufus said, "I don't think so. Charlie wants revenge and vents his anger on us. He wouldn't do it under the table."

Cassandra was taken aba

t my attention? Is this a joke? Or maybe you just want my signature, huh?"

The policeman was taken aback by Yazid's response. 'What was he thinking?' he thought to himself. He looked at Yazid in shock. "This may not be my business but sir, if you're mentally ill then I'm afraid you're not allowed to drive either."

Yazid pursed his lips as he thought, 'Who is this stupid guy? Has he never watched TV before?'

After paying for the traffic ticket, Yazid then realized that he was already so near to the police station. Before he got out of his car, he cleaned himself up so that he would look decent and presentable.

After a quick glance at the mirror, he stepped out of the car.

Yazid was quite adept at talking someone into things. It only took him two hours to sweet talk his way into getting his mission done.

Yazid promptly reported this back to both Victor and Harry. After which, he and Harry went to Charlie's last hideout place.

Victor decided to stay behind and coordinate all the other updates from their men.

As he waited at the house, he was surprised to find a visitor.

"Winnie?" Rufus had only hired Winnie because he recommended her to him.

Winnie didn't forget this. She knew that Victor had helped her get the job. She greeted him with a big smile, "Hello, Victor."

Victor nodded then said, "Is there anything that I can help you with?"

Winnie went straight to the point as she blurted out, "Do you know where Mr. Luo is? He hasn't been showing up at work and I'm starting to get worried."

Victor was taken aback by how concerned Winnie was. But after giving it a second thought, he realized that it was reasonable for Winnie to be worried about Rufus. She was his assistant after all, so she must be dealing a lot with Rufus's absence.

So Winnie showing up here to look for Rufus was totally expected.

"He will be back soon," Victor reassured. "If you need help with anything, you can come to me for now."

He couldn't tell her where Rufus really was because it might put the TY group into danger.

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