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   Chapter 763 Blessing Luo (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-20 07:49

Rufus looked at the little woman with gentleness in his eyes. "Cassandra. Think of our child. We can't let our little baby get hurt."

Cassandra looked at Rufus with her swollen eyes. She felt the baby kicking inside her.

This little child growing inside of her belonged to her and Rufus.

In the end, Cassandra had no other choice but to pour the highly concentrated alcohol onto Rufus's arm bowl by bowl. She didn't even realize how she had the heart to perform it.

Rufus winced at the beginning. He bit his lip tightly, trying to force himself to stay still. He didn't want Cassandra to see that it was hurting him.

Cassandra whimpered because she couldn't handle seeing Rufus so hurt. Rufus kept quiet as much as he could. He didn't want Cassandra to feel worse.

It hurt Rufus to see Cassandra cry so much. It wasn't good for a pregnant woman to be under so much emotional stress. It could also affect their baby. This was why Rufus forced himself to stay calm even if what Cassandra was doing was hurting him.

He stretched out his other arm to Cassandra carefully and tried his best to speak without showing that he was hurt, "Cassandra, it's okay. I don't feel anything. Please. Calm down and stop crying. This isn't good for you and our baby."

But Cassandra shook her head angrily. She couldn't stop herself from crying.

Rufus's heart broke, but he decided to stop reassuring her. It was pointless. He tried to take this time to save his energy instead.

Cassandra's eyes were already bloodshot and red by the time she finished pouring the entire bucket of alcohol. Rufus sighed heavily, as he had already broken out in a cold sweat.

Even then, Rufus didn't care about his own pain. He was more worried about how he could stop Cassandra from crying.


Cassandra answered, looking at Rufus lovingly. "I think, even if our baby turned out like you, it wouldn't be as hyperactive as you think. After all, you're calm and cool!"

Rufus nuzzled his nose with her own. "It's hard to say, you know?"

He slowly pulled both of them down to lie on the bed, holding Cassandra lovingly in his arms.

Being afraid that she might hurt Rufus's arm, Cassandra made sure not to move an inch.

Rufus laid his chin against her shoulder and coaxed her gently, "Cassandra, I will always protect you. I will never let anything bad happen to you."

Cassandra's heart swelled upon hearing his words. She spoke quietly, "Rufus, you need to be safe too. I want all three of us to be safe."

Rufus nodded and pulled her closer.

Everything that happened today had made her restless. Cassandra couldn't get to sleep. That was why she decided to chat with Rufus.

"Hey, Rufus, have you thought about our baby's name yet?" Cassandra asked quietly.

Rufus quietly pondered for a while and then responded, "Yes. I have.

Why don't we name it Blessing, Blessing Luo? Because all I want for our baby is that it can be blessed forever."

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