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   Chapter 762 Blessing Luo (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6152

Updated: 2019-11-20 00:13

The reason why Harry agreed to Charlie's demands was because he knew that his uncle would have figured out a way to handle Charlie properly.

"My uncle's a bad-tempered man," Harry said as he stood up, planning about how to talk to his uncle.

While they were still trying to figure out a way to rescue Rufus and Cassandra, Rufus himself was being tormented.

Charlie did keep his end of the deal. He let Rufus meet Cassandra just as he promised that he would. However, he made sure that Rufus was going to suffer from it.

While Rufus was just a few feet away from Cassandra, Charlie shouted and demanded, "Hold on. Every step you take closer to Cassandra, you'll have to cut yourself with this dagger once. You can only stop once you reach her."

Rufus's face turned cold as his eyes darted towards the dagger in Charlie's hand. He watched Charlie throw the dagger closer towards him.

Cassandra's face turned pale. She screamed, eyes bloodshot and wide open, "W-wait! Rufus! Don't do this, please!"

Rufus turned to look at the little woman. His eyes softened as soon as they met her face, trying to reassure her as much as he could.

"So? Rufus? What will your choice be? Are you going? Or not?" Charlie laughed and sneered at Rufus viciously.

Rufus focused his gaze on the dagger for a moment, bending forward to pick the weapon up.

Charlie's eyes were heavily fixated on Rufus. He was desperate to know about Rufus's decision, and whether he could really show how much he loved the woman in front.

Charlie had thousands of ideas planned in his head on how he could torture Rufus in the worst possible way. He wanted to inflict as much damage to Rufus as possible.

He wanted to hurt Rufus as much as he possibly could. He wanted Cassandra to watch her only love suffer. He wanted to see how much he could break R

. Rufus's arm was bloodied all over. She was beyond shocked to see his arm up close.

How could she even be strong enough to pour the disinfectant to his injuries? She didn't want Rufus to suffer even more.

Charlie laughed as he shifted his weight to his other leg. "If you don't think you have the heart to do it, why not just drink it all up? I'm sure my loyal men would be able to help you with that."

Rufus glared over to his side, eyeing Charlie with anger in his eyes.

Charlie seemed to recall something, with his eyes and voice perked up. "Oh dear... I just suddenly remembered that your wife is pregnant. Am I right?"

Hearing Charlie mention about her pregnancy, Cassandra's face suddenly turned pale.

Cassandra could risk harming herself and her child if she drank the disinfectant in front of her.

Rufus lovingly wiped the tears away from Cassandra's cheeks, gently reassuring her, "Darling, please don't cry. Everything will be okay. Try to focus on helping me with the disinfectant, okay? Just go ahead."

Cassandra bit her lip worriedly, afraid of hurting him.

She stuttered and tried to speak through her tears, "Rufus, p-please listen. This...this will bring you pain. A lot of pain..."

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