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   Chapter 761 Prefer Girls To Boys

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Harry couldn't stop laughing. "You can surely see through my games, can't you?"

Yazid answered arrogantly, "Of course I can. You can't hide anything from me."

Harry nodded his head. "I knew I couldn't fool you. That's why I decided to tell you the truth."

Yazid was at a total loss for words.

"You gave all your stocks to Charlie. Have you thought of how you're going to tell your family about it?" Harry asked abruptly.

Yazid shook his head. "Why do I need to tell my family? I still have my stocks."

Harry was surprised to hear that. He had witnessed the moment when Yazid had signed his name on the share transfer agreement.

Yazid felt uncomfortable when Harry mentioned this to him.

"To tell you the truth, Yazid isn't my real name. It won't matter even if I signed the contract," Yazid exclaimed.

Harry looked at him in surprise. "What are you saying? That's the name I've heard people call you ever since you were a kid."

Yazid turned pensive, recalling something from the past. His face darkened as he replied, "That's because I changed my name when I was a kid. Yazid isn't the name I have on my ID or my family register."

"Is that so? What's your real name then?" Harry asked straightforwardly.

Annoyed, Yazid replied, "I'd rather die than tell you."

A few days later, Hans spotted the name on Yazid's ID and burst into laughter.

"Sally! Oh my God! What a funny name!" Hans completely ignored Yazid's deadpan face and continued laughing right into it. "Who gave you this name? Why did they give you this ridiculous, girly name?"

Yazid gritted his teeth. "Stop laughing right now or I'll knock you out so good that you won't be able to get off bed!"

Hans shut his mouth immediately. After a while, he asked again, "Will you please tell me the story behind this name? I really want to know. Is that okay?"

Yazid, tortured by Hans in this way, had no choice but to surrender. "When my mother got pregnant with me, she was told there was a way to identify the baby's gender." Yazid had great difficulty continuing as it was a deeply personal matter. "I wish my mother had a more authentic checkup at the time. It wasn't like we didn't have the money to afford it. Jesus!"

Once he had spat his anger out, he continued, "My grandfather wanted to have a granddaughter. Back then, my family preferred girls to boys. When my mother finally gave birth to me, my grandfather was very sick. All he wanted was to see his granddaughter. And so, to fulfill what seemed like his last wish, my parents told him I was a girl."

Hans looked at Yazid with sympathy. "So your parents used 'Sally' as your name on the family register?"

Yazid wasn't embarrassed anymore. Flatly, he blurted out, "Yes, they did. When my grandfather realized they had lied to him, he got very angry and refused to change my name on the family register as a punishment for them."

Every time Yazid thought of the people who knew about his real name, it pissed him off. He was just an innocent little baby when his parents had lied to his grandfather. He had had no role to play in this lie and yet he was the one who'd receive the actual punishment.

"Yazid," Harry said. A strong smell of disinfecting water was all over the hospital hallway. "Just tell me your thoughts about this matter. Are you in or out?"

Yazid glanced at Harry

e had a beloved daughter called Amanda. She died out of the major depressive disorder."

All three of them sat with their eyes fixed on Harry, waiting for him to continue. Swallowing uncomfortably, he went on, "I heard that... Well I was also told that Charlie's daughter was in deep love with Rufus."

Victor knew Rufus the best. Rufus was always surrounded with women who were attracted to him.

It seemed like it was a love debt after all.

"Amanda's death was quite strange and weird though," Harry said, confusion pasted on his face. "There was no apparent signs before her death. She just suddenly killed herself even though the doctors had confirmed she was in a good condition."

Upon hearing this, Victor pursed his lips, his face expressionless as he tried to process the information.

He knew how much Charlie loved his daughter.

If Charlie really thought Rufus and Cassandra were responsible for Amanda's death, they must be suffering a lot as his captives.

Victor felt frustrated and helpless dealing with this complex problem.

However, he managed to keep himself calm. After all, he had spent years working with Rufus, and learned a great deal from him.

"Yazid, Harry, what other solutions can you come up with?" Victor wondered out loud.

Yazid gave a little shrug with his hands outstretched. "I was just born in a wealthy family. I have nothing other than the money and resources. But I am not good at dealing with such an issue."

While he spoke, Yazid took a glance at Harry.

Harry did have some authority in the society, yet most of his influence was outside of China.

"Harry, did you really promise Charlie you would give him your authority over the sites?" Yazid asked suspiciously, as he knew that Harry wasn't the kind of man who would be okay with getting the short end of the stick.

As expected, Harry raised his head and met Yazid's eyes. "Of course I was lying to him. Am I such a pushover in your eyes? I will never give him what he wants."

Yazid was speechless.

"Well, let me try something," Harry stated suddenly. Truth was he wasn't really interested in the power his family had over in China.

It was his uncle who had been handling this matter the whole time.

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