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   Chapter 760 Dishonorable History (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6181

Updated: 2019-11-19 00:13

As soon as Yazid left the room, Harry let his feet bring him towards the edge of Sara's bed. He sat down quietly.

Sara and Harry maintained the silence. They didn't know how to start the conversation. After a while, Harry cleared his throat and looked into Sara's eyes for the first time today.

He felt regret and sorrow etch in his heart. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what happened last night. I..."

"Do you know why I left?"

Sara interrupted him.

Harry shook his head. The air seemed to thicken again and he felt himself suffocating.

Sara sighed and chuckled, confusing Harry, "Let's just forget what happened last night, okay?"

Harry's eyebrows were furrowed together. Sara smiled at the young man.

"Harry, do you really think that I'm going to ask you to take responsibility for what happened?" Sara asked, head tilting to the side as she maintained her carefully crafted smile.

Harry didn't know how to respond to her. He was at a loss. Why would Sara not want him to take responsibility?

Harry failed to notice the sadness that crept into Sara's eyes. It vanished as soon as she spoke again, "I didn't want to see you again when I left earlier today."

This only confused Harry more. Was she mad at him? Was she forgiving him? He could only ask Sara, "Why?"

Sara lowered her head, ironing out her blanket with her nimble fingers. "I know you're in love with someone else, Harry." Harry could feel the lump in his throat threatening to come out. "If I keep pushing myself onto you, you'll only push yourself further away."

Harry was in utter disbelief. He never thought that Sara would be this considerate and perceptive.

Sara, who was always a self-cornered princess, a girl who was loved and cared by many, would actually be so humble and considerate to someone she was in love with. The regret and sorrow in

tire time. Even though Yazid would steal a glance at him from time to time, Harry paid no mind to it. Yazid was starting to get so upset with Harry's presence that he was distracted from feeding Sara. Sara complained that he was being careless, "Hey Yazid! Why are you feeding me hot peppers? What's wrong with you?"

Yazid quickly cleaned up after feeding Sara. He coaxed her into resting up. As soon as his little sister fell into a deep slumber, he yanked Harry out of the ward.

"What are you still doing here? What do you want form me?" Yazid asked impatiently.

"I know you're here to visit Sara, but I can tell that whatever you had to talk about was done. You didn't have to stay longer, but you did. What do you want?"

Harry lifted the corner of his mouth. He wouldn't expect less from Yazid. The man was incredibly smart.

"I get it now. You want to ask me for help. You want my help to get Cassandra back, don't you?" Yazid hit the nail on the head.

Harry sighed and nodded. There was no point to beat around the bushes any longer. "Yes."

Yazid blinked at him, deadpanned. "Wow. Really? Yes? You're just going to admit it like that? Couldn't you have made up an excuse? At least try to fool me a little?"

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